Posted by: incywincy | April 11, 2007

Yali’s Birthday Celebration

Had a wonderful day! Studied, then headed down to City Square to shop around for some small items, and wait for Yali to come and pick me up!

Xiaoli was driving, and Auntie Roseline was in the car too. Heh. Super fun. But Xiaoli drives like she’s in an F1 race. O_o

We headed back to their place first, so that the girls could get changed to go out for dinner. Hehe. I looked at Yali’s and Uncle’s Japan trip photos while they showered. It looks so beautiful! All the sakura blooms. *sigh* And they were super lucky to get to see Mt. Fuji! According to them, the peak can only be seen 40 days a year. Usually it’s too foggy or cloudy to see anything! And they got really nice pictures of it. Clear blue skies! So envious.

They were both full of praise for Japan. The place was very clean, the food was good (all the set meals, look so thoughtfully prepared and so yummy!), and the people are so polite.

Yali told me that when she went to buy a handbag for her mom at a store, the girl serving her refused to let her carry the bag that she bought by herself. Instead, she carried the paperbag for Yali, walked her to the entrance/exit of the store, and bowed to her, then handed the paperbag over to her.

Gosh. Singapore and Malaysia have long ways to go before they reach such excellent service standards! If Japan is a 10, Singapore and Malaysia must surely be 1 each, what with the rude service personnel and sales staff. Bleh!

Anyway! I received some souvenirs from Yali, from Japan! Hehe! Look!

Japanese snacks! So cute! How to eat, you tell me!

I cannot bear to eat it!

And from Tokyo Disneyland

Cutie “Mickey and Friends” paperclips! Awww…

It’s almost as cute as Hello Kitty! Hahaha! Okay lah. I’m such a Hello Kitty fanatic. Hehe!

Yali: I love the presents, girl! Thank you for always being so sweet to bring li’l gifts back for me! 🙂

And after everyone was ready, we drove to Pulai Springs Resort‘s Qing Palace for an early birthday celebration dinner for Yali (actual date is 16 April, but our dear girl will be flying off to Shenzhen for work!)

The interior of Qing Palace was very nicely decorated in an oriental setting, and even had a running ‘stream’ at the entrance.

We didn’t take any photos at all, cos we forgot! We were too happily chatting and eating. Haha! But the place is really nice. The food wasn’t bad either! I liked the cold platter, the roasted duck with the mini golden buns, and the authentic 客家娘豆腐 (Hakka niang dou fu aka yong tau foo). Of course, it’s not like the pathetic fake ones you see at food courts! The one they serve at Qing Palace is just like the one my Mommy cooks at home! Which is super duper yummilicious!

Cold platter – 4 stars (loved the prawn salad, and herbal chicken!)
Roasted duck – 4 stars (loved the crispy tender duck, but slightly too salty!)
Garoupa in sweet, sour and spicy sauce – 3 stars (too sweet!)
Kailan – 3 stars (kind of forgettable but it was cooked well)
Yong tau foo – 5  stars! (cos it tastes like Mommy’s homecooked one)

Hehe! Sorry, no pics of the food! We ate till we couldn’t finish the food, and everyone was just pushing it to one another Haha!

The entire evening, we just spent talking, about school (her parents were damn encouraging about my studies – I feel so loved, hehe), about work (Yali travels for work to China all the time!), about Xiaoli’s upcoming law interview (this Friday!), about travelling and where we want to go in future, and a lot a lot of things! So nice and so happy.

At first I really felt quite awkward when Yali asked me last night to join them for dinner. Cos you know, I’m like, not family! Haha. But I’m so glad I went. I really love talking to her parents! They are so animated and so interesting, and so encouraging and so warm, and so fun to talk to! Hehe. My parents love talking to her parents too. Haha!

And of course, with company of Yali and Xiaoli, I cannot possibly feel anything but blessed! 🙂

And so, I’m reminded once again of the simple joys in life – of having such wonderful friends by my side.

Dearest Yali,
Happy Birthday! You are blessed, girl! Because you are loved by so many of us!
Lots of love, Daphne


  1. The photos on the website of Pulai Springs Resorts look wonderful.. never knew of this place..

  2. i also!! haha until that nite.. hahahaha. so sad. i feel super mountain turtle.. cos there are so many places in JB tt i’ve nv been to. n i actually live in JB u know!! sad~

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