Posted by: incywincy | April 10, 2007

Something Strange

I was surfing blogs, and then started reading to Wendy Cheng’s blog (not something I do often) but anyway. There wasn’t anything interesting actually, *scroll scroll scroll*. All about some bunny that she is giving her friend as a birthday present, and the birthday celebration and all. And then suddenly I came across a picture of Fann Wong’s family.

Her friend is Fann Wong’s sister.

That kind of bothered me a bit. Maybe because I always see Fann Wong as some kind of ethereal being (she looks like one to me, haha) and then suddenly *wham!* brought back to earth with a reminder that she actually has a family, and is associated to people as common as you and me.

That bothered me.

I may be being silly and all, but I think it’s going to be even stranger when I’m actually able to accept the idea of Yanzi having a family. I already saw her parents before (her Jan 2006 concert and Dec 2006 VivoCity mini-concert), and I know her sis was from RJC and is now in SMU. Right now I’m just in denial. Because if Fann is an ethereal being, Yanzi is beyond that. Haha.

Okay, this is me speaking under the influence of alcohol (not!) but please consider it as such. Haha…


  1. haha.. yx’s brother is actually a childhood fren of ur idol’s sister..

  2. yuxin? really?? can i know his brotherrrrr!!?!? hahaha.. like tt i can get to know the sis right? n thn i can get to know yz toooo! hahaha.. ok la far-fetched dream hehe!

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