Posted by: incywincy | April 7, 2007

Dogs and Men

I’ve decided that I really want a dog when I move out on my own next time. When I have my own place.

Here are some beautiful dogs I’ve come across recently:

Beloved Pipi (琵琵) – the dog I miss most in Beijing.

棉棉’s Lika (莉卡) – yet to meet, but she’s so adorable!

Lis’ Jojo – the mousedeer-like hyperactive dog! Haha!

Xiangying’s Yuki – the dog who lives with a cat! Haha!

Thing about dogs is that they warm your heart with just their presence, and they don’t break your heart, ever.


  1. but they will…if they die. *wails* AND tat is the ultimate heartbreak, worse than love heartbreak. its like losing someone whom is the dearest.

  2. that one is different ok. its not like they MEANT to go n die on u. they jus cldnt help it lar! n tt one is not heartbreak.. tt one.. u mourn for them like u mourn a loved one.. n u keep the memories of them in ur memory box forever, n think of them fondly.

    with men.. they can live, n u stil mourn them n they break ur heart over n over. n u have bad memories of them. n sometimes u feel like stabbing them!

  3. I miss PiPi too.

    And her wake-up-licks every morning~ erm… maybe not, yeeeks…

  4. i miss that! heh. and her doggy breath. n the way she sits under the dining table, waiting for treats. n how she rolls around on the yoga mat when we bring it out, thinking that its for her. n how i can bundle her inside my blankie n hug her in bed. n how her ears perk up when we call her name. n how she loves her evening runs. n morning runs.

    i miss pipi… 多多…

  5. i have this crazy urge to go camp at ur place for 2 days and just rot/study. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  6. haha, er u sound v anti-men lor! lols, welcome to the club. i hate MEN!

  7. ha u shud! then make xun miss u for 2 days!

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