Posted by: incywincy | April 7, 2007

4th and 5th April

Wanted to go to bed already, cos I have to be up to do the laundry tomorrow morning, while the sun is still out.

But. I decided that I really really want to upload these photos first! Hehe!

These were taken on 4th April at our anniversary dinner at Aji-tei (IMM). We didn’t take photos of ourselves! Haha! How silly. But that’s okay, I remember it in my mental memory card!

Aji-tei restaurant at IMM. Warm and homey feeling.

My crayfish ramen set

BB’s fish (I don’t know what fish, so don’t ask) set


At Essential Brew, Holland Village, on 5th April. Somehow, I think that Essential Brew is only nice at night. I remember the rainy evenings spent there, when all was dark and stormy outside. We’d nurse our hot cups of floral tea over scrabble games and our homework, till late in the night, till closing hour. I also remember the first time I went there with BB and Justin! But the first time I went there with BB was in the afternoon.

Anyway, we met up at Holland V yesterday cos Jess is back from Perth for her 2 weeks’ easter break. It was a short meet-up though (Mikeller had to go back to work, and I was supposed to go shopping and swimming later – though the swimming part didn’t materialise due to my leaky faucet of a nose – with XY, Junior and Elise).

Jess and the Menu (which hasn’t been changed for 2 years?)

Jess and Rudolphina the rednosed reindeer with the leaky nose

Jess and Mikeller the Scientist who works near Holland V.

Jess’ Cookie Mookie drink. Seriously. Awful name.

Mik’s rosebuds tea

My own peppermint tea looked boring, so no photos of it! I ordered peppermint as opposed to my usual lavender or chamomile tea cos of the leaky nose! Argh! Fat load of good it did for my nose, though. Bah! Should’ve just gone for my usual.

Jess and I each had a rosemary steak set

Not too bad, but not stellar either. I just love the lemongrass sauce, though. Haha. And the wedges were actually better than the highlight of the dish itself. Lol.

Mik had the dory pasta in alfredo sauce

Which she said wasn’t even good. Haha!

I guess the novelty of Essential Brew has worn off over the years. The food ain’t good, the tea is passable, the desserts are probably better than the maincourses. Still, I’d go there for the cosy tables, and if I wanted a place to relax.


After shopping with Lis and XY and Junior, XY dropped us off at Lis’ place enroute to Junior’s place. I met Jojo the excited dog. Haha! But still, no one beats Yuki (XY’s dog, who is super super super super excited all the time and who jumps at you and licks you all over), and Pipi (BB’s mom’s dog, who is the dog I love most in the whole wide world). Haha. Okay! Photos of Jojo!

Lis was trying to hold Jojo down. It’s awfully difficult trying to photograph a hyperactive dog! Haha!

During some tummy-tickling/rubbing action

Okay! End of photos! Also time for me to go and sleep. Though I had a 3-hour long nap just now already Hahahaha!


  1. my Jojo is SO CUTE!!! *muacks!

  2. i agree!!! 🙂

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