Posted by: incywincy | April 6, 2007

This is a Happy Girl

I’m a happy girl. I’m a lucky girl. I feel really really happy these days (despite exams coming, haha).

Been meeting up with XY and Lis every week, and it feels just like the old times. I realised something about friendship – friendship takes work. In fact, every relationship does. And to make it work, you need to put in effort – to stay in touch, to meet up, to stay updated with one another, to give encouragement, to console, to care. It’s all about effort and sacrifices! And girls, if you’re reading this, I’m really happy that we are putting in the effort to meet up! Cos I love you girls! Being with you girls means great laughs, great times, great food! Haha. And it’s really a great feeling of comfort to know that I have friends like you to lean upon!

We’ve been swimming, eating, shopping, watching movies, bitching. So nice. I feel less lonely when I have friends. It draws me out from the anti-social world of work and studies only. 🙂 Oh ya, recently we watched Freedom Writers at Lido – on the day that we kinda like a belated birthday celebration for me last week. Hehe. It’s damn good! We all teared.

*During a touching scene in the movie*
Daphne tears, and pulls out a tissue. *sniff and wipes tears*
Xiangying nudges Daphne and whispers “Can I have tissue too?”
Elise nudges Xiangying, who then turns back to Daphne: “Elise also want.”

Haha! Super funny. Oh ya, that day was a happy day for me. We went to school to meet Elise and also 顺便 meet up with Jiaming for his birthday celebration.

This is a lame video of Jiaming cutting the cake that we bought for him from Bread Talk, which is super cute, btw. Hehe! I like the cake alot. It’s yummy too. But XY and Lis don’t really like it, I think. Haha! Cos they ate like 2 bites. Or maybe they were really full. Haha!

You can read it at XY’s blog or Jiaming’s blog. After that, we went to IKEA for meatballs! Yay! Heh. Then Jiaming went to teach tuition, and we went to watch Freedom Writers at Lido.

And yes! Talking about being happy, of course, my BB makes me happy too. On Wednesday (4 April), it was our 1st year anniversary.

On the night before, I was like, at home all alone, having my dinner in front of the computer (as opposed to in front of the TV when Mommy is at home with me, haha) and chatting with BB, Justin, and some other friends. Then around 11-ish, I decided to finally go and do my dishes! Haha. So I went to the kitchen, and after that, I was walking back to my computer, and suddenly the door bell rang!

Let me tell you that my door bell is damn loud. I jumped, literally. I was super scared. Who would call at our house so late at night? I was afraid that there were thieves or robbers, just trying to get my attention, get me to open the door, and then they’d rob me!

There was this tall guy at the gate. I was damn scared. Then suddenly the guy said, “BB.”

Hahahaha! It took a while to register. It was dark, and I couldn’t see either. So I took a long time to confirm that it was really him! Hehe. It was super sweet. He crossed borders just to come and see me. He said he wanted to get a florist to send me flowers at midnight, but there are no midnight flower deliveries! Hahaha. Nevermind lah. I was just so happy to see him! Hehe. No flowers, got BB, even better. Hehe.

We spent our anniversary with our son Piggy Romeo, our guinea pig. Haha! And we went to eat supper. Lalala. I love my BB. Hehe. I had to go to school the next day, though. How sickening can that be? I worked on my birthday, and had to go to school for a full day for our anniversary!

Anyway, we went out for dinner in the evening, at IMM’s Aji-tei. Yums. I feel so sweet inside cos my BB managed to surprise me for our anniversary, hehe. After dinner we walked around IMM. Went to Challenger, and he bought me a pair of headphones with microphone, so we can Skype! Now, we don’t talk on the phone very much, cos the IDD phone bills would kill us. Haha. And I don’t have a working microphone at home, so he got me one.

And then we went to Daiso! Hehe! Bought a pink laptop cover, and a basket for my cosmetics and barang-barang.

I’m a simple girl. Simple things and small things make me happy 🙂 As long as you put in a little effort, I’ll be happy. I just love spending time with you.

Oh, just now BB was damn funny. I’m in his room right now, using wireless to log on to the internet. And I was talking to my friend Weichiang, on MSN, and it’s like this long-running joke between WC and me – I always send him MSN kisses. Haha! Before you start thinking I’m damn weird or that I’m a slut going around kissing people, just let clarify that WC is my primary school friend from my first school! Haha!

Anyway, BB heard the *muakks* sound, so he checked his computer, cos he thought that I sent it to him. But he didn’t get it, and he asked me, “Who sent you a kiss?! Or who did you send a kiss to?!” Haha! And he was like, “How come I don’t have?” and he asked me to “stop acting cute with other guys” and said that he’s going to disconnect his wireless so I cannot send people any more kisses. Hahahaha!

I’ve great friends, and a funny and loving BF… Lalala. Kisses to everyone! Haha!


  1. i love u too!!!!

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