Posted by: incywincy | April 3, 2007

Home Alone

Mom is in Surabaya with Daddy for 2 weeks. And I am home all alone. It’s kinda unnerving at night, especially when I hear sounds coming from the darkness outside. Urgh. Other that that, I’m fine! 

I have a sudden craving for pizza. Possibly because three pizza brochures are sitting right on my desk at this moment – one from Pizza Hut, one from Domino’s and the other some unknown pizza place that I don’t know of and am not willing to try. Hahahahah…

I woke up just before 3pm today – that’s the result of sleeping at 6am! I went to bed after settling some stuff for the Europe trip. We booked accomodations last night! Booked the air tickets last week. And here’s where my family will be staying: London (Mom, Dad and Serene) and Paris (Mom, Dad, Serene and Elaine). Wheee! I think these places look decent enough. Prices aren’t too bad either (but still damn expensive).

If you’re wondering why we’re booking everything by ourselves, it’s actually because of the limited amount of time that my Dad and sis (Serene) has, which means that no tour group will be able to accomodate to our schedule. Or rather, we won’t be able to fit in. And also because we die die have to be in Scotland for Elaine’s convocation. So Elaine and I convinced our parents to go free and easy and budget. Haha!

My Dad’s super funny – he said that the rooms must have ensuite bathrooms. Haha! Cos he doesn’t want to share with other people! Hehe. If you snoop around such budget hostel/hotel websites, you will know that many of them do not have ensuite bathrooms. Rather, it’s like a youth hostel or dormitory style, where there are shared bathrooms with many shower stalls.

Oh! More exciting news! I just confirmed the booking of the Bed & Breakfast at Inverness (Scotland). Muahahaha. This sure is exciting.

Too bad I’m not going. *silence*

*wails loudly*

Boo! I wanna go to. Stupid SHRI with the inconvenient dates for exams! Bah!

The weather is so unbearably hot today.

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