Posted by: incywincy | March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me :)

It was my birthday yesterday; my 24th 19th birthday. The first time that I’d spent my birthday away from home, and away from my family. Yes, the first time in my entire life. Previously, I’d always spend my birthday at home, having dinner with my family. It means alot to me to have my loved ones around me, celebrating yet another year in my life. However, due to the fact that everyone is far away and busy, and the below reasons, I didn’t have the usual birthday dinner at home. Flashback: Last Year.

A couple of days earlier, I’d decided to take up an 8-week long job with Singtel, cos: (1) it’s 8 Sundays, and couldn’t miss out on that, (2) birthday plans fell through, but that’s okay cos I can always celebrate with the girls another time. So yes, I spent my birthday working!

Doreen said that this is what it’s like when we grow up. Everyone has to work, birthday or not. Haha.

I started my birthday with wishes from BB, Justin, Elaine (who sent me a card which I got on the eve of my birthday), Debra, Gerald and Mian Mian. I was in JB at the time, so the wishes were made over MSN and SMS! Heh. Daddy sent me an e-Card just before I went to bed! I was super touched. So sweet, the e-Card. He’d already sent me a real card about a week before, from Changi airport, where he was transiting during his flight from Bangkok to Jakarta. I went to bed soon after I read his card, and read a few pages of my novel (Jon Katzenbach’s Hart’s War).

[edit: Oh yes, Calyn SMS-ed me too! I received it around 3am while I was actually asleep, hence the forgetfulness. I’m so sorry darling, I left your name out! But of course, your wishes mean alot to me too! Hehe!]

In the morning, instead of the usual birthday mian xian (rice vermicelli), Mom cooked instant noodles for me. We were out of vermicelli! Haha! It’s alright, I still got to eat some sort of noodles, which signifies longevity. Hehe. Quite amusing, though! Mommy wished me a happy birthday, and I had a kiss from her, and after that, it was off to work!

Xiaoli was supposed to work with me, and and as always, her parents drove by to pick me up, en route. Yali was in the car too! Heh. I got 4 birthday wishes from the Choo family! Woo hoo. Yali and Xiaoli presented me with a cute li’l bag from Crabtree & Evelyn (which contained yummy handcream within), as well as a really sweet card, which I was super duper touched to read. Yali is my first and best roomie, my ex-colleague at Bestari Kindergarten, as well as one of the first friends I had after moving back from Jakarta! I’ve always known Xiaoli, of course, but this year, I began working with her at Singtel, and we got to know each other better! We talk, complain, bitch about other people, bicker, argue, tease and ‘insult’ each other endlessly. Haha. Getting to know Xiaoli more actually improved my friendship with Yali, cos now I’m closer to her sis too! Hehe. Both of them are fun and crazy girls, in their own ways. And I love ’em to bits.

On my way to work, Daddy SMS-ed me, and then he called me! So he wished me a total of 4 times! I’m so blessed – who gets 4 birthday wishes from their Daddy every year? Haha.

Anyways. Kinda depressing to go to work early on the morning of my birthday. And we worked at Boon Lay bus interchange! *faints* So hot, can die! Really. The searing heat is unbearable. And I have 7 more Sundays to go. Think of the money, think of the money.

Received SMS from XY and Lis while I was at work! 🙂 Thank you, babes! It made me smile. For awhile, at least. Hahaha! Oh yes, and from Serene too. She was still sleeping when I left for work, so she didn’t get to wish me! Hehe. But thank you also for the pretty necklace that you gave me! 🙂

Time passed slowly at work, because we had ‘supervisors’ watching us. Bleah. I’ve never been watched so closely throughout the years that I’ve been working for Singtel. Working with some people really spoilt my entire day, but thankfully I had Xiaoli and her friend, Xiaoyun (yes, haha these are their real names haha!) to accompany me as well.

After work, I went to withdraw some cash from the OCBC atm, and felt kinda depressed that BB had yet to message me – he said he wanted me to pack food for him on my way back to his place, and said that he would SMS me. So I was just waiting listlessly for the SMS to come in. I SMS-ed Doreen while waiting – I had yet to receive her birthday wish also. I messaged, “You forgot my birthday ah. 😦” And then she called back! She said she’d sent me an MMS after midnight, but I didn’t receive it! Oh well. I guess it’s delayed, or lost. After hanging up, I waited and waited some more for BB’s SMS, then BB suddenly appeared in front of me!

Haha! I’m so loved! 🙂 And BB brought me another present too – Justin! Heh. I cannot explain exactly why I was so happy to see the both of them, but I shall try! Well, it figures that I’m happy cos BB is my most loved one. But I was super duper happy to see the both of them maybe because Justin is the first friend of BB’s whom I got to know, way before we got together. And Justin is really a special friend to me too, cos he’s seen all our ups and downs, and we’ve had many many many many happy moments together, the 3 of us. All the steamboat sessions, the first Holland Village outing, moving house and the Chinatown dinner after BB left for Beijing last summer, the Changi boardwalk outing, the sunrise adventure, staying over at Justin’s place, playing with his guinea pigs, bla bla bla. So many! Hehe.

We went to Swensen’s at Jurong Point to have dinner, and they gave me presents! I have The Hospital DVDs, and Yanzi’s new album! Haha. Both were what I wanted. Hur hur. But I didn’t expect them to get me The Hospital DVDs. I only asked for Yanzi’s new album. We were MSN-ing:

Me: BB, I give u idea for my bday present ok! I want 逆光! Hahahaha!
BB: ………
Me: Hahahahaha! Aiya like that u don’t have to think so hard ma, and u know I will surely like it! 😀

Hehe. I’m such a nice girlfriend. Hehe. But BB just had to ‘pack’ the CD among packets and packets of tissue, so that I wouldn’t be able to guess what the present was. =.=”

So. I digressed. I got a card from BB and Justin too! Lalala. I like how they summed up everything in like, barely 4 sentences. Haha! Guys. The difference between girls and guys: Yali and Xiaoli wrote huge amounts of words in their birthday card to me, and BB and Justin wrote about 4 sentences in total! Haha! But both were equally sweet lah. I love all my darlings! 🙂

Back to Swensen’s. I had grilled fish with sambal (without sambal, haha) and BB and Justin had a fish baked rice and MegaBurger respectively. Haha! Then Swensen’s presented me with a firehouse icecream, with a candle! Hehe. The guys sang me a birthday song. Very happy leh. And I made a birthday wish! *Shhh. Secret*

Went home afterwards, feeling very loved cos BB managed to surprise me, and Justin came down all the way from Bishan to eat my birthday dinner with me.

Back at BB’s place, Gerald and Mian Mian wished me again, and presented me with a piggy handphone holder thingie. I don’t know what it’s called, actually. Haha. It’s like a bean-bag thing. Haha! Super cute. Looks like BB. Oops. Haha! I read Rach and Uzyn’s messages on my blog (thanks for remembering!) and then we had a cake. BB had bought a cake for me earlier on, but we couldn’t cut it at Swensen’s. Actually we could, but then they already gave us an icecream. So we did the cake-thing at home with Gerald and MM.

They sang me birthday songs in English and Chinese, and then I made the same wish again. Haha. I told BB that if I wished for the same thing twice, it will be stronger. Haha! Okay so now I’m pretty sure my wish will come true! Hur hur hur!

Okay, is it bad luck not to cut your own birthday cake? Because after I made my wish and blew the candles out, BB took over. He cut the cake, and served everyone. I forgot to even perform the mandatory one cut on the birthday cake! Oh no 😦

Nevertheless, it was a long day that started right, became bad (cos of work) and ended perfectly. Thank you to all who remembered, and for the pressies (though you all really didn’t have to – except BB – haha! Old already, no need presents to remind me that I’m old!). Okies. That’s all.

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂


  1. yoes! happy belated birthday dear… i remember ur birthday, i juz forgot to msg u… hahaha… forgive me ya… *hugs*

  2. ….. that “24th-slash-19th birthday” part is very self-delusional. u do know that right?

  3. i SMSed you too!!!!! 😦

  4. ok, i’m bad with dates. really..
    SORRY but nevertheless HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

    its only a day late, i’m pretty proud of myself already. heh heh..

  5. thanks koala! 🙂 for the double wishes on SMS and here too hehe..

    lis: deny and defy (with anti-wrinkle creams haha)! tht’s my new motto haha..

    cal: im so so sorry i left ur name out! paiseh! i edited already. see! 🙂

    linda: thank you thank you! hahaha.. ok la 1 day late oni, better than never.. hehe! 🙂 u’re jus lucky u read my blog today lor 😉

  6. awww your BB is so sweet

  7. Daphhh!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! Sorry I am late.

  8. xiaoluo: i already noe he’s sweet so no need to say alrd. muahahahaha.. 😀

    sekling: its ok!! 🙂 thank you babeee! heh..

  9. Happy belated birthday Daphne!! =)

  10. hey darling happy birthday! 😀

  11. Heh… Totally agree with Elise with the delusional thing.. 😉

  12. haha, no lor, i read yr blog everytime i log on one. so it might be everyday if i do log on everyday or lesser la. hehe.. but i guess i’m still lucky! u shld have blog on yr bday, den i wun be late. haha..

  13. Happy birthday:)
    By the way I celebrate 17th birthday since 8 years;) I see that I’m not the only one that does that – you celebrate 19th birthday since… a few years.

  14. haha.. it’s okay.. i saw it already!! hehe..

  15. hey…happy belated birthday! i remembered your birthday, but you weren’t on MSN then and i didnt get to send you an email either. sorry =( we’ll have to catch up soon, k?

  16. i msged you.. you didn’t receive :(:(

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