Posted by: incywincy | March 15, 2007

City Square Outing

Today, half of our Omega Tuition gang (Yali, Debra and I) met up for a catch-up session at City Square. Yali and I took a bus from Perling to City Square, so we chattered away during the entire 1-hour bus ride. Hehe.

To the other half of our gang (Elaine, Selena, Azrina) : Yes, we missed you girls!

I’m too lazy to write a lot, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking! Hehe!

We had lunch at Kim Gary’s Restaurant.

Deb and I, while waiting for our food!

Yali and her I-dunno-what Rice.

I had the Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice set. Debra had the Fish one.

Stuffed to the brim but happy and smiley!

Then we camwhored in the toilet… (?!) Haha.

And went on a shoe hunt, but found none that I liked 😦

So we took more photos! Hahahaha!

Then Yali bought a book about monks selling their Ferraris (wtf, so rich arh these monks! HAHA), and the Protege DVD, and Debra got a Winnie the Pooh mug. And I went home empty handed cos I couldn’t find my shoe. Sucks.

But we had YAMI Yogurt! Haha!

So I’m happy anyway! Haha!


  1. why must she buy DVD? can get from me mah…

  2. hahaha some people believe that HK movie shd only be watched in Cantonese, not mandarin. LOL.

    anyways. hard to pass to her la. no external HD and i dun see her that often also mah..

  3. werent u supposed to blog in FULL detail?? hahaha.. but woah it’s really been AGES since ive seen them!!! (n u too lah haha) must tell me the latest gossips when i see u online k? 😉

  4. oh did u say FULL detail? u just said take alot of pictures!! haha so that’s what we did. ok lah. not that many also. haha we were too busy talking, eating, shopping, talking, eating.. ahaha. oh yes, and staring at girls wearing weird outfits. have u seen before?! at city square!?

    a sight to behold, indeed. they look hilarious. BWAHAHAHHAAHAHHA!

    ok whn u online i wil tell u the ‘news’ abt them. haha. not gossips. iim not so 38 wahhahahahaha. like real hahahahah.

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