Posted by: incywincy | March 14, 2007

Busy Bee! Bzz Bzzzz.

Presented below, for your kind consideration, are my pathetic excuses for not blogging:

(1) Was busy planning my family’s Europe trip itinerary, which does not include me (humph!)
(2) Started a new semester at school, with 2 new challenging modules
(3) Working at IT Show at Suntec, which occupied 4 whole days of my time last week
(4) School projects (1 easy, 1 challenging) which I am very stressed about

Well, you may reject all of it, or accept it all with my apologies! Hehe. Either way, it doesn’t bother me Haha!

It’s been a crazy 2 weeks. But I’ve also managed to meet up with Elise and XY twice (once for coffee at Suntec, and yesterday we swam and had dinner together, and later supper at Al-Ameen, haha. We shared an order of chicken masala and cheese naan, which totally cancelled out the effects of our swim. Haha. Also managed to spend some time with BB despite being busy, caught the movie Protege at my nearest LCD screen (BB’s computer, haha) and found it a fantastic movie, managed to read John Katzenbach’s The Analyst, had an outing to the Travel Fairs at Suntec with Mommy and Serene (which concluded with lunch at New York New York and a library trip) went for a spa and massage session with my Mommy dearest yesterday, and do lots of readings for my projects. Most of the ‘free time’ in between shuttling between Singapore and JB, and all of the above, have been spent studying and being productive.

So far so good. But I do wish I had less of an urge to waste a few minutes here and there, indulging in Spider Solitaire, Zuma, and whatnot, and all that television-watching in between studying, and the time spent chatting online blah blah blah. As a former boss would have frowned and reprimanded me, “These are all time-wasting activities!” Haha.

This semester’s modules are definitely more challenging, and I shsould put in more time for my studies! One of my modules is quite challenging – the lecturer’s expectations are high, the project requires much research, and the content of the module is thrice the modules I’ve taken in previous semesters. But I like this module, and the lecturer, because it reminds me that I need to work hard for what I want!

Got the results of one of my last semester’s modules last Friday, and I’ve been happily looking at my result slip every now and then, feeling pleased. And I got the results for the other module today, too. And let’s just say I’m very happy about it! Haha. I reserve the right to boast, okay, because I’ve put in alot of effort in school! Well, it definitely will shock you if you compare it to the amount of time I spent studying for my exams at my previous school, NIE. Haha.

Wanna say thanks to Gerald who accompanied me to study for the days leading up to my examination. I find it kind of hard to study withoiut company of friends who are also studying. Hehe. So thanks, Gerald!

[ETA: My dearest BB said that people will misunderstand and think that G is my BF. I think he is jealous. But he said that he just don’t want people to misunderstand. Jealous then say lah! Hehe! *secretly happy that my BB is jealous* So I will clarify here: G is BB’s very good friend and also my very good friend, and our future cousin-in-law HUR HUR.] (22:38 hrs)


  1. People got 2 A wor… good for u BB.

  2. Haha…this is called making use of one another. I also can’t study well alone. So I “borrowed” you from your BB. Hope he doesn’t mind. Hor, BB? = P

  3. Daph, that’s how you ‘change’ arh…

  4. aiya if i change already thn it wil look like suspicious mah. so jus explain! hahaha. bb, ure jealous hor? hahahaha. muaks!!

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