Posted by: incywincy | March 2, 2007

Rainy Sleepy Day

It rained all day yesterday, only stopping in time (for a while) for our barbecue session. What a dreary feeling! And today it just poured. Someone is taking this a bit too far. Bleah.

Today, BB, Gerald and Jindong left to go back to Singapore after breakfast at about 8.30am. After sending them to the bus stop, I came home and slept more. Haha. So tiring! Especially after the drunken night the night before, and the lack of sleep. But it was super fun to do things with friends. Haha.

I will be working at the IT fair next week with Xiaoli, at Suntec, from Thursday to Sunday! Yay. As I told Yali just now, if I have work, it means I can go for holidays! Yay! Hmm.

Cambodia air tickets are at an all-time low now, a total of $186 nett for round trip tickets Singapore-Siem Reap and Phnom Penh-Singapore, and I think I really have to make a move on it already – I must book the tickets by 6 March if I want to. Mom is not keen to let me go, but I think I really want to go. It’s important to me!

Okay! TV time!


  1. Siem Reap is beautiful—You have to check it out!!!

  2. Slightly overdue, but, THANKS FOR THE mini PARTY!!! It’s great to eat food of similar standards at someone else’s place!

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