Posted by: incywincy | March 1, 2007

Best After-Exam Celebration

Concluded my exams yesterday, and I probably had my best after-exam celebrations in years. Hehe.

The paper was only OK overall – there was some stupid question about MacDonalds, based on a case study that I had never seen in my entire life, and the info about the case wasn’t even given. So we were supposed to, like, pluck information out of thin air (or, our extensive bank of general knowledge, whichever applies) about MacDonalds and their organization culture. Bah.

Anyway, met up with Lis and XY first at Bugis Junction, and then later we moved on to Suntec. We had a coffee and talk session to update one another on our loves and lives. Heh. It felt good.

Afterwards, I went to meet BB – we went to his family friend’s house to bai nian and have dinner. Our hosts are a couple, wife from Hainan and husband from Singapore. They have two girls (Pri 1 and 2) and they are uber adorable. BB bought them a DIY-necklace kit, and after dinner, we just sat at the living room and played with them. So cute. Hehe. I really had an enjoyable time chatting with xiao gu (auntie, which is what we call the lady) and they were very nice to us. And very generous. They are not rich people – in fact, I would place them in the low-income group. But they still brought us out for quite a sumptuous dinner, and gave us really big angpows – it’s the biggest amount I’ve ever gotten from anyone who is not related to me. In fact, I didn’t realise they would give us so much. I felt so bad afterwards. I always feel that the ones who don’t earn much are the ones who tend to be more generous towards others they care about, while sometimes the ones who earn more are the miserly ones.

Ended the night with a blast, together with BB, Gerald and Jindong in BB and Gerald’s room, playing dai dee (or Big 2) for like, 5 hours? I don’t know. We lost track of time. The good thing was that I had alot of fun and laughter with the guys. The bad thing was that I lost so many rounds that I drank so much vodka. Vodka neat – no mixers! Gosh, by the time we went to bed at 5-something in the morning, I was really quite high, and according to BB, I conked out almost immediately. In defense of my dai dee skills, I would like to say that I’m really not that bad – at least I wasn’t the worst player – and that no one should ever play with Jindong.

We continued our ‘mini party’ today back at my house in JB, but that’s a story for another day. 🙂


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