Posted by: incywincy | February 25, 2007

After Many Long Days…

Haha! Finally finished studying for my HRM exam on Monday. Now what I have to do tomorrow is… Memorize what I’ve studied and understood!

Will be going over to BB’s place to study tomorrow. Yeah!


  1. exam ends liao.. lalala


  2. din manage to wish you good luck in time, hope it went great! 🙂

  3. Good Luck for ur Wednesday paper babe!!! Finish liao CALL ME! hahahha.. may be able to meet u cos Im not keen to go singing with my project mates.. i cant sing for nuts. HAHAHAHAH

  4. xiaoluo: yea la u show off. bleh.

    linda: thanks babe. it was fine lah. hahaha. alot of memory work, n tht’s not my strength. i got such a forgetful nature, how to memorize, rite? hahaahah…

    lis: i wil call u!! come n meet us ok!!! ps i cant sing even if i had to depend on it to save my life! hahaha..

  5. pretty new background!! is it beijing? haha.. n GOOD LUCK for the exams!! (wat are u doing playing around with templates when u have exams, again? hahaha)

  6. selena: it’s a default header image lah! hahaha.. at WordPress *air of superiority* we have NICE pre-installed templates that can be activated with just one click. not like the ugly Blogger ones… oops. HAHA.

  7. oh BOO. haha eh there ARE pretty templates for blogger out there……. just that okmaybewordpresshasprettierones to choose from hahaha..

  8. eh babe do u have any friends in UBC? haha coz one of my recent visitors was a click from your blog, and the viewer was from UBC! so strange haha.. shucks i miss UBC =]

  9. yeah but those nice ones for blogger are not by blogger itself mah.. its written by other people… these are our default layouts.. hehe..

    nope i have no frens from UBC…! lol. last time, yes, not now.

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