Posted by: incywincy | February 23, 2007

Bored and Experiencing Food Coma

Okay, so I’ve finished the book just 10 minutes ago. There was a rather exciting bit about an attack, and then the rest was all gobbledygook to me – police-victim interviews centred upon the desire for revenge and other psychological assaults (what police always do), and uncovering and solving the subplot about the attempted murder of another character in the book who never had any lines. It’s all just strange to me. But at least it comforted me to know that the villain died in the end, although I’d much rather have him caught and thrown behind bars for the rest of his life, sodomised by fellow jailbirds, as a retribution for all the women he raped and sexually abused, but that’s besides the point because I didn’t write this book. Anyway. It was a good wrap cos I hate endings that leave me guessing.

If anyone decides to read this book, let me know what you think! I thought it fascinating enough, but that’s just me – most people usually just hate the books I read. I like anything that makes me think. One feature of this story which I really liked was how the author used email conversations between the protagonist (a Reuters journalist) and her Reuters editor cum on-again-off-again boyfriend, as well as to the police officer investigating this case, to uncover the main plot and how the assault on her affected her psychological state.

You’ll probably not understand. But anyway, my feelings about this book are rather contradictory. While I thought it was quite slow, failing to evoke fear in me, I must admit that the last quarter of the book is pretty good – it was like a very long conclusion, and it left no stone unturned.

Okay, back to studying for my exam.

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