Posted by: incywincy | February 21, 2007

Reflection on Advice Given

Have been reading a novel for the last few days – Minette Walters’ The Devil’s Feather


It’s been slow because I don’t read it much except before bedtime. It’s not much good as a psychological thriller, so far, because I’m not very excited or scared when I read it. Normally, books with such settings (single young woman all alone in the house, in a strange place) manage to arouse some fear in me. But this book hasn’t done so at all. Mary Higgins Clark’s Stillwatch fares much better in this.

Still, The Devil’s Feather is pretty good in the area of nudging you towards some self-reflection about how you yourself face your own fears and people who offer to help you. And that’s what I’ve been doing. I realise that most times, I’m just like the novel’s protagonist, Connie Burns. I shun people who offer advice, and I get irritated. In the book, it says that to her, “advice or offers to help were euphemisms of ‘I know better'”.

And I’m often like that – how would you know better if you’re not in the exact situation that I am in? In such times, I fail to see that people outside the problem itself can probably shed new light on the issue and how to tackle it, ways that I have not thought of because of my preoccupation with the problem. I also fail to see the “I have lived longer than you and therefore I should know” logic that parents subscribe to.

I expect this book to have a good ending, though. But we’ll see. I’m about three-fifths way through the book. Random thought: I felt that I should create a category for “Books”, seeing how often I blog about those I read. So I did. But I have too many categories already!


  1. “I have lived longer than you…” Correct! But I bet excluding sleeping I lived longer than you. @.@

    “… and therefore I should know” Hmm… There’s never too much to learn.

  2. har.. are u saying tt i sleep alot, bb? i tink u sleep more!! 😦

    but not everyone is so open towards advice, no matter how hard we try to convince people that we are.

  3. […] 23rd, 2007 at 3:11 pm (Books) Okay, so I’ve finished the book just 10 minutes ago. There was a rather exciting bit about an attack, and then the rest was all […]

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