Posted by: incywincy | February 19, 2007

CNY 2007

One year ago (according to the Lunar calendar, of course) I blogged about spending CNY at home and our new clothes.

This year, we didn’t buy new clothes cos everyone’s just too lazy to go jostling in the malls with the other people, frantically looking for something red that fits. So we just dug out some clothes that we had in our wardrobe and that was that. Haha! I like it better this way – fussing about clothes irritates me.

It’s our 2nd CNY without Elaine, who is stuck in Dundee because they don’t have CNY break over there – why would the ang moh care about CNY, right? Haha.

Hmm. It’s also my first CNY with BB. He came over on the morning of the eve of New Year’s Day, and spent a whole day with us. Other than that, everything’s just the same! Hehe. Glad to have you home too, BB! I still remember, last year, he was ill, alone, in Hall 😦

Well, here are some pics from our celebration this year:

(All photos courtesy of BB, and taken with Panasonic Lumix LX-2)

Reunion dinner!

10-course meal! Roasted pork, yam with meat (my fave Hakka dish), suku (some kind of tuber/root), steamed chicken, stewed pig’s trotters, ginger steamed fish, broccoli with prawns, abalone with french beans, sea cucumber with mushrooms, braised duck. Yum! Mom cooked the whole day, but dinner was over in a matter of just an hour! We also had apple crumble for dessert, making it 11-course actually. Haha. Stuffed to the brim.

Cellphones for sale! Anyone? Hehe. With everyone at home, the amount of radiation from cellphones also increases. Just look!

6 persons, 10 phones. Haha. Don’t ask.

After dinner, we cleaned up, and started making tang yuan (汤圆) Haha. This is something that we sisters do every year. Hehe.

At midnight, we had some traditional rituals to perform, and somehow, this made me feel the family togetherness. These are the offerings for the Gods. I like candles!

Candle in the wind

Alot of people were playing fireworks, although it’s banned in Malaysia. Aiyah. The more you ban, the more we want it. Next year, my eldest sis is gonna get some for us too, so that we can also join in the *eiiiuuuuuu poppp* fun. Haha!!

Played daidee with Serene and BB after that, but I kept losing. Isn’t this the year of the Golden Boar? Am I not supposed to be luckier?! 😦

Okay! Day 1 of CNY!

Me, looking so ayu. Haha!

Bluff one lah, of course. Hahahaha!

The Loo sisters (minus 1)

My blouse looks like an angpow! Haha!

Close up!

BB and I ❤

The mandatory act-cute V-pose

Us, with Daddy

BB and I again!

Serene and Doreen

Me and Serene

And then Lik came over, to bring Serene to his place for lunch. Sat around abit, chatted and ate some cookies, while waiting for Mum to get our lunch ready, and change into her nice clothes too. Then…

Finally, family portrait! 🙂


  1. I myself have 5 phones in my room… Anyone need 2nd hand phone?

  2. i like seeing family pics. 🙂 you sure looked like you had a great time!

  3. Roasted pork, stewed pig’s trotters… hmmm look around see if Romeo is still around? yum yum..

    but this is its year la.. yea my year too.. always hear ppl say fan tai sui, clash with your year.. so following this theory, it’s not supposed to be your lucky year.. 🙂

  4. BB: u can loan one to mianmian, n help her save gerald’s phone bill.. she has no phone to put her starhub sim card in!!

    Maya: i love taking family pix! hehe.. n yeah we had a great time at home.. its one of those rare times of the year whn everyone (almost, minus elaine lah) is home.. its rare for our family, so we appreciate it more! 🙂

    Xiaoluo: romeo is stil alive n kicking ok. haha… hmm… dun curse me lah. i need lots of luck this yr. my luck always bad one.. this yr muz b good!!!!!!

  5. Love the phone pix! And Happy CNY! Over here, not much happened. No holiday, and I spent it hanging out with J.

  6. u shd have gone to chinatown! does seattle have a chinatown?! haha…

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