Posted by: incywincy | February 14, 2007

Absolut Rose

Yesterday, for our early Valentine’s Day, one of the presents BB gave me was a rose. But I left it in his fridge and forgot to bring it home today. So he has taken the ‘initiative’ to well, preserve it! Here’s the gorgeous rose in its most pristine beauty.

Doesn’t it look so special? I just love it! As Gerald (BB’s roomie) said, “It’s so nice, it looks fake!” Hehe.

We had a wonderful early Valentine’s Day celebration yesterday. Although we agreed that Valentine’s Day is rather commercialized, we managed to take some time out to have a dinner together. BB has a test on 15 Feb, so we decided to have our date one day before today.

We went for dinner at Carnivore at Chijmes. Then we walked around the area, and finally ended up at Funan Digital Mall, looking at PDAs. Haha. I really had a wonderful and relaxing evening after my day at work.

It was our 2nd Valentine’s Day together, although our 1st as a couple. Last year, we were best friends, but still, he remembered to make it special for me.

Thank You BB. And thank you for the dinner, the furry pink pillow and tissue box cover, the rose, the sweet heart-shaped brownie that just melted in my mouth, and for taking the time to just be with me. Thank You for loving me!

“For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”


  1. your quote didnt include the author. that’s plagiarism.
    p.s. Mr BB used a brand new bottle of Absolut for this photo. = |

  2. Hey, now doesn’t this blogskin looks ever so familiar? Hmm… 🙂

  3. very creative on the rose. now u can think of other things to put inside. a watch? pens? oh the choices are endless!

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