Posted by: incywincy | February 12, 2007

Too Lazy…

… to post pics. So you will all just have to live with the words.

Working at SingTel Wireless booth at NUS Engineering Faculty Bazaar (outside LT6) for these 3 days (Mon to Wed), so if anyone is in the area, drop by to say Hi ok!

My partner this time was Xiaoli (younger sister of my my ex-roomie, Yali) and we just have so much to talk about. Haha! We don’t hang out often, but we know so much about each other, from our common links: Yali, and our Mommies. Haha.

We love the same stuff – the same type of books, same type of music, same type of vacations. And best of all, she’s my PJC junior! Hehehe. Links work. For me, at least 🙂

Tiring day. Though we finished our job pretty quickly, and then were slacking throughout the remaining of the day (effectively we only were busy for 2.5 hours), but still I’m tired.

And I’m working on the dratted HRM project now. This sucks. Okay, enough diversions…

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