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Was at Jurong East Entertainment Centre after school today, and I was approached by some religious person who started preaching to me.

I really don’t get it: Do I have the “I-am-a-lost-soul-so-please-come-and-save-me” look?

I really don’t know how to say No to religious people. I believe they all do these out of a good heart. So I can’t say No. But how do you let it down to them gently that you cannot (and will not) subscribe to what they are trying to say?

So I end up spending a whole hour, sometimes, listening to them preach about their different gods, beliefs, philosophys, etc. Sometimes I don’t even understand them if they speak in Mandarin. So I just smile.

One thing I absolutely hate, though, is when they ask me questions: “So do you know what is ____?” or something, and then expect me to give the answer. Sometimes I stare at them blankly, sometimes I just smile and say I don’t know. Oh well.

One question: If we are all children of God, and churches are all the holy houses of God, why do Christian evangelisers still try to bring you over to their church when you tell them that you are attending a church already?

I’ve finally made peace with my own, ah, how should I say it, my own confusion about religion(?) : Religion is culture, and is an important part of the history of many countries. Religion today means little else to me except that it encourages people to do good.

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  1. hee.. u finally make your stand on religion. That’s a non-religious statement.

    Ofcoz I still hope ppl don need a ‘bad’ reason to be good, but if it achieves the desired outcome, so be it as long as ppl have freedom to choose their reasons. Societies are often ruled this way.

    We hope ppl don rob a bank merely bcoz there are police and jail. But the deterrents help. Would-be criminals will think twice; ppl who think it’s wrong to rob don rob. The difference is religion breeds fundamentalism; police and jail don 🙂

  2. 信则有,不信则无……

  3. To some people the trade off of robbing a bank is just jail terms, so when they think robbing a bank is worthy even if they will be, or likely to be jailed, they choose to do so.

    To others the trade off is not only jail terms, but they would also feel morally guilty of the conscienceless action. Hence whether or not to rob a bank really depends on how valuable their guilt is.

    What I am trying to say is that jail term is not used to stop people from robbing banks, it’s for letting people know what’s the trade off of doing such action.

  4. hi friend how goes it? i haven’t read your blog since that da vinci code entry…can you post some pix? it’s getting very wordy…

    anyway oh damm! i actually did street evangelising in december with campus crusade. we like followed a script. “what are you thankful for in 2006? for me, i’m thankful for this book! oh! have you seen this book? *open book* do you know that god…blahblahblah…” and we did that a few times and it made me realise that many people don’t even know about God & the bible. i used to think that people mostly know about it and just kinda rejected it. but there are still people who don’t know at all. so i’m not being religious, but true believers would obey the bible to get the message out to every person and so we do street-e.

    and oh damm! your new SNAP preview really rocks!!!


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