Posted by: incywincy | February 6, 2007

I Need to Work Harder

Today was my stay-home-do-project day (I really can’t wait to be done with this dreary project), but I managed to accomplish very little. I simply can’t work in the day time! I’m more active at night, and think better at night.

So now I’m going to work earnestly, and complete what I have to!

But first: blog. Haha!

Actually, I’ve got nothing much to blog about @.@ Haha. Yesterday I met up with Huey at NTU Canteen A. And over the weekend, BB and I worked together for the first time! It was the Heeren Roadshow.

About work: It was a bit weird. I don’t really know what to call him now, when we are at work. Haha. I can’t call him “BB”, can I? And it’s so weird saying, Chaoyi or Adam. So I just… “Eh.” Haha. When I’m with friends, I just call him “BB”, but I can’t do that at work! So I need to learn how to address him properly in public. Hehe.

About my temper: Hmm. I know I have a bad temper. But each time I lose my temper, especially with BB, I feel so lousy afterwards 😦 I must really control myself.

About my forgetfulness and absentmindedness: Yesterday I left my HP at BB’s place. Only after I’d gotten onto the bus did I realise that my HP was not with me. So I turned back to get it. I borrowed a HP from a stranger at the bus stop, and asked BB to turn back too (he’d left his room already), and was a tad impatient when I called him. I really really need to improve on my patience and temper. After I got my HP (and my charger, which I also left behind), I walked to the bus stop, only to realise that I forgot my ATM card *sigh* So I turned back again, luckily I was only at the bus stop. I need to stop being so forgetful.

Sorry BB. I will be better! 🙂


  1. babe! Just leaving you a msg before I go. Saying I miss you and really sorry that I cancelled on you on monday. Me will mish you lots and thanks for all your help darling.. Have a good 2007 kayz? Remember to wait for me to have your wedding. 😉

  2. hey babe. i got those heart thingies at a shop at tanjong katong complex. it’s at level 1, not inside the shopping centre itself – it faces the road. the shop is ailin bakery house or something like that.

    you could also get it at bake-it-yourself – it’s at bukit timah road. check out their website:

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