Posted by: incywincy | February 1, 2007

A Lazy Day

Spent my whole day at home doing nothing today, except sleep, chat with my friends online, and sleep, and chat again. Oh yeah, I bathed Piggy. Read about it at his blog! Haha. Yes, finally it’s updated.

This evening, my agent called me again for another SingTel roadshow for Wireless@SG this coming weekend. It will be held at Heeren. Anyway, got into a quarrel with Mom because of this. She somehow, doesn’t believe that I spend my weekends working. One of her reasons: How come you don’t look tired after studying all week, then having to work during weekends?

Sometimes I think that I have the strangest and most imaginative Mom in the whole wide world.

Isn’t it good that I have work? Got money, I’m not complaining, why is she? Sighs.


  1. Trust me, ALL moms are extremely imaginative. It’s in their nature. They love us in the strangest ways…

  2. yea tonight don need supper..

  3. the cappuccino juznow is strong ha.. juz plan to sleep late, but now cannot sleep!!

  4. well i admire you for working during weekends… even i find that hard to do

  5. Hey Daphne, thank you for your SMS! Haha, I always have problems with my mother, sometimes she pisses me off so badly that I feel that I could suffer a stroke or heart attack any moment. ;P

  6. hmm why i never have so many problems with my mom? becoz i am a guy? or becoz i seldom stay at home? @.@

  7. hmmm juz realise me too… and my 2 sis oso have problems with mom.. everyone seems to be on good terms with dad.. and me..

  8. dot: pls dont be so imaginative when u have ur own baby dot or baby jay, ok! haha… let’s make the world a better place!

    xiaoluo: who ask u to drink coffee at dinner?! lol.

    boss: that’s cos u already work 5 days a wk! haha.

    bohchap: sometimes i feel that way too. but i try to count to 10 and ignore! lol.

    bb: yes, cos u seldom stay at home. n yes, guys just dont realli care, do they?

    xiaoluo: same as above.

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