Posted by: incywincy | January 29, 2007


On my education: This semester, I’m not as motivated in class as before. And today, I began to understand why. One of my current lecturers is of a low standard – I’m sure it is not just him; there are many such lecturers, even in NUS, NTU and SMU.

We have all encountered these sorts, haven’t we?

The ones who have doctorates in some fields of study, but sadly they are teaching us something else, which is slightly related, but is really not his area of expertise. The ones who have shallow knowledge in the subject of instruction, and tries to cover up by telling old grandmother stories to pose as examples of real-life situations, but these stories are irrelevant, explains the theory wrongly, or simply shows him up as shallow. The ones who spend 15 mins on each of the first 10 slides (telling irrelevant stories in between, no doubt), then rushes through the next 10 slides within 15 minutes due to lack of time. The ones who lifts the contents of all their powerpoint slides from the paragraphs within the textbook (which isn’t that good to begin with, so you really doubt if he has even read through the book before he selected it), and then blatantly reading out chunks from the textbook during class, without even paraphrasing. The ones who tell stories about themselves and their (supposed) achievements in other companies or other schools, in a final desperate bid to impress his students, since he obviously cannot do so through the conduct of his lessons.

Another reason why I despise him: He looks down upon the students in this class, because we are studying for the Diploma now. He keeps saying that he taught the degree program at SIM, MDIS, PSB, bla bla bla, and now he is teaching us at Diploma level, he has to lower his expectations and standards for us. WTF?! This diploma is a pre-requisite to the entry of the Bachelor of Commerce (HRM & IR) which some of us will be pursuing after we graduate from this course! The degree course is a 2nd year direct entry, so this diploma is equivalent to the 1st year of the degree course! Seriously. Asshole.

I guess what makes this semester more bearable is the lecturer for my afternoon class, who is a rather nice lady. She also tells a lot of stories, and gets a bit carried away at times, as well. But at least, her stories have teaching value! And I seriously love her course materials (although the layout sucks, the content is good) and the way she structures her course so that we have practical knowledge of the basic HR administration, such as performance appraisals, staffing, conducting interviews for different levels of positions, recruitment through agencies, headhunting, etc. She does tend to treat us like kids, though, bringing us treats and snacks to reward us for our class presentations, for answering questions, and class contribution. She does have alot of experience, which is good, when she shares real-life examples with us – but sometimes I do feel that her views are slightly outdated.

For example, she says that we should strive to go on to do our degree, and then masters degree, so as to make us more employable. I disagree with that statement wholeheartedly. In our course of study, it is not necessary to have a masters degree, because it does not add value to our job. In HR, rarely would you need such a high level of education in one single field of study, unless maybe if you are in consultancy. All other knowledge, you will gain through experience. In fact, in some jobs, having a masters would render you over-qualified, and employers tend to not call upon such applicants for jobs because these masters holders would have a much higher asking salary as compared to a degree or diploma holder. Besides, a masters without prior work experience counts for nothing, because most HR jobs are executive level, and no one will give you a managerial post if you have no work experience, even if you are a masters degree holder.

People sometimes ask me if I regret leaving NTU/NIE. I always answer: No, not at all. This is what I am sure I want, and after having chosen a wrong course before. And even if it is wrong, I still believe that it is within my power to make it the right course, the one that I can excel in. I admit that sometimes I get emotional, and sometimes rash because of that, leading to a temporary blindness in judgement, which causes me to make a decision that may not be the best. But I’m learning, and I’m trying to better myself. This is my flaw, which will make or break my career as a HR practitioner. But I’m determined to make HR my rice bowl, so I will work on it 🙂

I’m now waiting for the lecturer to finish going through his slides (no doubt at lighting speed now, because it is 20 minutes to lunchtime). I will go and check my email at Burger King later, and post this blog entry. Then I will go for lunch at the nearby foodcourt (or maybe I shall eat first). I want to eat oyako-don today! Yay!

I have pretty nails today. Re-painted them, so they’re now a pretty, feminine, slightly dark shade of peach. Somehow, though, my nails are quite ‘soft’. They break rather easily, so I guess I have to buy some nail strengthener. Finally received my student pass letter from ICA, and I can get it done tomorrow, maybe. Initially I wanted to get it done on Wednesday afternoon, but the letter says that STP collection is only until 2pm, and my class ends at 1pm on Wednesday. Can I do it on Friday, though? I have no classes on Friday morning – that way, I don’t have to come in to Singapore tomorrow. Hmm.

Shall decide later. Lunchtime now! Yay!


  1. Hie

    it strikes a chord. i grad from NTU after suffering three yrs studiny a useless degree and haveing 6 yrs of unemployment! becuase the field is so small…. i am considering HR or marketing but looks like i am non people oriented so marketing is best! work has been a source of grief and love too!

  2. hi szehui, i think studying HR is gd, even if u dun plan to work in HR nxt time.. thr r lots of managerial skills taught in HR.. 🙂 btw… er.. do i know you?

  3. Ah well, be very much grateful you’ve never met some of the lecturers I’ve got at UM… Their standards has, as a saying goes, “hit rock bottom, and started digging”…

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