Posted by: incywincy | January 28, 2007

Another Weekend Past

Finally home, after being away since Thursday. I’m getting a bit tired of working, so I think I gotta rest for now. School school school, work work work. And polytechnic open houses are so noisy! My eardrums need a rest, even if the rest of my body don’t.

Just watched The Dance Floor on Channel 5 with Mom – not that impressed. But I do like watching people dance. And I adore Wong Lilin! So yep, I’m gonna continue watching this show.

Over the weekend at BB’s place, I managed to catch another 3 movies, besides reading the book, Garden of Beasts by Jeffery Deaver. The first was The Five People You Meet in Heaven, the second Confession of Pain (伤城) and the second, and old Meg Ryan movie, Sleepless in Seattle.

Five People was wonderful, for its story. The movie, based on a book of the same title by Mitch Albom, is about an old Man – Eddie “Maintenance”, who works all his life in an amusement park, Ruby Pier. In the story, it says that everyone who dies and goes to heaven will meet 5 people who have had ties to their corporeal existence, and who have 5 lessons to teach the deceased, to help them understand the meaning of their lives. It was beautiful.

Confession of Pain was rather bland. The story didn’t make much sense until two-thirds way through. The punch didn’t come until the last scene of the movie, where Takeshi Kaneshiro’s character revealed to Tony Leung’s, what he had uncovered about the latter’s past. And then the movie ended. Quite baffling, I must say.

Sleepless in Seattle was a re-watch for me, but a first for BB. Many witty lines which had us roaring with laughter. But well, it was weird watching Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks so young. When Tom Hanks first came onto the screen, BB went, “Hey, Forrest Gump!” Haha. Other than that, it was, at parts, slow. But good to watch – it was like a first for me all over again, cos I was so young when I watched this movie (only 11 or 12) that I don’t remember it anymore.

I love spending time with BB like that – I do wish, though, that we had more comfortable chairs! And that BB wouldn’t go and lie down in bed halfway through the movie. Haha!

Well, sometimes the movies get draggy 🙂 but I still love watching ’em! Wish I had more time to spend with BB – got back from work only at 7pm yesterday, and left his place this afternoon. Factor in all the sleeping hours, that would work out to be less than 9 waking hours together 😦

Miss you already.


  1. C’mon! Remember about me and MM when you think that the going is tough for you! Another 8 weeks before I get to see her…*groans*

  2. next time when BB lies down in bed, u must be more automatic… i see the bed is like quite big, and watch there more comfi, don need chairs..

    also when watching witty lines, must laugh smart..

  3. wait wait.. all those dvds that you watched… all original dvds? i mean… in singapore it’s a series offence if u buy any of those fake dvd in malaysia that u can get aplenty for RM4 rite?

  4. gerald: im different lah, cannot compare. im WEAK ok. haha.

    xiaoluo: the bed is not nxt to the computer. i still wanna watch the movie. thn how? haha.. n wat is laughing smart?

    boss: ahaha in unis there is network sharing n ftp. 🙂

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