Posted by: incywincy | January 26, 2007


It’s my second day here at Nanyang Polytechnic’s Open House, and sad to say, I feel like I’m rotting my life away. Still, I wanna proclaim to all that I love SingTel! Haha. I think I will make it my mission to get full-time employment in SingTel once I graduate. Maybe not immediately, but some day. There’s got to be some credit given to me for being so loyal, right? And I’m only a part-time staff now. I love the SingTel culture idea of working for such a powerful huge organization.

I think I would be really proud to wear the SingTel staff pass on my lanyard. And although not all the products and services of SingTel catches my fancy (some I even find rather stupid), but still, I respect them for the other good products/services they come up with.

Okay, that’s quite a lot to say about, ehm, SingTel.

Well, working here has been kinda boring, but I’m not complaining that much cos this place is really nice. At least it’s airy! Working at Ngee Ann Polytechnic last week was quite hellish on my sinus-ridden nose, because it was so stuffy, and the air just wasn’t well-circulated (read: dust stays in the same area, and there is a lack of oxygen) so I kept sneezing and sneezing, and feeling faint and suffocated periodically.

Right now, I’m reading Jeffrey Deaver’s Garden of Beasts, and I like what I’m reading so far. The story is about a German-American mob hitman, who was picked up by American local intelligence, and sent to Germany on a mission to kill an arms advisor to Hitler (this is Berlin in 1936). What he gets in return is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to clean his record, walk free and legal, and lots of money to start a business that he wants to.

After reading so many romance novels recently, I find that they are all pretty much the same mush, and I’m kinda sick of that at the moment. Even Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook and The Wedding last weekend didn’t make me a happy page flipper. And Nicholas Sparks is probably one of my favourite romance novelists of all time.

Now, it is thrillers which sees me with my nose in books, reading quickly, yet wanting to absorb all the words and portraying in my mind what the scenes must look like, or what the protagonists must feel.

I’m just blogging because I am bored. Can you tell?

Can’t wait to go home this evening and have dinner with BB, while watching a movie on his desktop with the hugeass LCD monitor. Heh.

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