Posted by: incywincy | January 22, 2007

Je suis très fatigué

I feel so tired. Seriously, my eyes are stinging due to the lack of sleep that I had over the last few days. Wednesday I went to school early in the morning (after a mere 3 hours of sleep due to studying)expecting a full day of classes, but I was mistaken about my class schedule. Classes were held only in the afternoon! Wah, I wanted to slap myself then.

On Thursday, I went to work at Ngee Ann Poly Open House, at the SingTel Wireless@SG booth. After work, we went to IKEA. Had meatballs! Haha. Actually we went to IKEA only to eat the meatballs. But BB ended up buying some drinking glasses, and a rubbish basket. BB also went to collect his lenses for his Rudy Project cycling sunglasses, and we went to meet this guy whom BB gaffered camera lens for. Forgot to write also, that BB has sold his Nikon D70 DSLR camera. Then on Saturday, he went and bought a digital camera: The Panasonic LX2, which is like damn fantastic cos I see already I also want to buy! Haha!

On Friday evening, BB and I cooked pasta (fusili with beef and mushroom bolognaise sauce) and we watched Blood Diamond! Gruesome movie, but I thought it was pretty good for the plot and story. Remember girls, it’s up to us to insist that the diamonds we purchase are conflict-free! Hehe.

Worked till Saturday, and nearly died after that. The NP Open House was terrible – loud music blaring from the speakers which were very near our booths, and suffocating atmosphere made worse by the throngs of people that never seemed to leave the Atrium. Oh yeah, managed to catch up with Huey a bit, though. She was at NP too, and we went back to Boon Lay together 🙂

On Sunday, my Study Day, I managed to do more movie-watching than actual studying (sadly). We watched Unknown over lunch of pasta (yes, again) and Flyboys over dinner of rice and some dishes (and fried guo tie). I liked both shows too! Haha. I think I was very agreeable with movies this weekend because of the company that I had 🙂 I really enjoyed myself watching those movies, and they all made me think alot.

Anyway. I did manage to squeeze in a bit of studying over the few days by bringing some notes to the Open House where I worked, and by studying some on Sunday, *ahem* while also reading Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook and The Wedding *ahem* Haha.

But I must defend myself and say that the test went pretty well despite the distractions. After the test, we had lunch (I ate alone cos everyone else left the exam venue early, and had lunch by themselves – I was the last to leave, I think – and some left as early as 45 mins into the 2hour paper! Gosh!) and then I had another 3 hour lecture, which was kinda siannifying. I was trying so hard to stay awake, and when the lecturer concluded the class, I practically bounded out of class at lightning speed!

Hmm. You know what?! I’m so so so so tired! Last night we all slept really late, and I woke up this morning at 5:30am to study!  Gosh. Terrible thing to do, cos all I wanted to do was to crawl back into bed and snore my way to 10am. Haha.

Yawns. It’s time for bed. 10pm! 🙂 I like my bed.


  1. cant recall on which day i woke b4 11 liao…

    my lessons all afternoon awwww~

  2. oh i watched Rocky 6 the other day. it was pretty good. i think dad will like this one.. its classic man haha. go buy the dvd so u all can watch together in cny..

  3. xiaoluo: ure such an ass lor. bleh.

    laine: thr is a rocky6? erm. haha okay.. gosh i miss those times whn the whole family plonked ourselves down before the tv n watched LD / VCD.. heh..

  4. today finally wake at 9..

    my mom and siss like to whole day stick to the tv and forget ebili thing else.. i prefer makan out with papa..

  5. ehh.. ure in PG now? gosh. i miss PG food..!!!

  6. nola, now it’s the Crescendo of the term, with the tempo Presto, cant leave sch, getting high… Sforzando on CNY day 6, exam starts..

    am going back though during the Agitato period of CNY, day 1-4..

  7. haha.. looking at this msg is like my nightmare of piano theory again lol. those nights i spent memorizing those italian terms have all gone to waste.. totally useless.. except in reading this msg. haha.

    well i also have exam on 6th day of CNY! so ure not the only one. take solace in that fact. haha.

  8. Jay and I go to IKEA just for the meatballs too!!!

  9. haha.. the meatballs are just great, arent they? i love the sauce too. 🙂 *drools*

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