Posted by: incywincy | January 15, 2007

Ulcer Woes

These past 3 days I’ve been trying to live with an ulcer in my mouth. It came about when I was brushing my teeth too enthusiastically one night, and accidentally slipped, causing a gash one centimeter wide on my lower gum.

It seemed fine when I checked it before turning in for the night, but the next morning, I awoke with a numbing pain on my gum. I stood in front of the mirror, and pulled my lip away from my gum, and there it was, a whitish slough. It was rather small, but caused much pain, nonetheless.

I diligently applied Bonjela gel on the ulcer, praying that it would go away soon. It stung like a bee when applied. But as the saying goes, “No pain, No gain”, right? I was sure that the I would only have to endure this stinging sensation for one day. And so I bore with it, wincing to myself in my room each time I administered this treatment to my infected gum, and never once whining to Mummy.

The next morning, my inspection of the gum showed that the ulcer had grown in size! I was horrified! Is Bonjela some kind of sick joke by a chemist bored of his usual work at the medical lab? Does it encourage the growth of ulcers in mouths, when applied 3-hourly as prescribed?

I, who had lived the past few years without ulcers, had forgotten how painful it could be. I remember when Benjamin showed me an ulcer the size of a one-cent coin in his mouth. I tutted sympathetically, not really understanding how painful it could be.

Now that I know, I’ve developed the utmost respect for people who are prone to mouth ulcers! The past 2 days have been difficult – it was hard for me to enjoy my food, and even drinking was a chore. Each time my mouth stretched a minute fraction, the sore area would throb painfully, and it felt as though someone was trying to rip my mouth to pieces. So you can imagine what a terrible thing it must be to put food in my mouth, and subject my mouth to the motions of mastication, which undoubtedly caused the ulcer on my gums to rub against the inner part of my lower lip.

Day 3 of ulcer torture. It’s grown slightly bigger again today.

The sloughy area around my lower gum is now slightly swollen, reddish, and extremely painful even when I talk or smile. Any slight movement of my chin also feels painful. After I got home from school and had my dinner, Mom instigated me to use half a teaspoon of salt and rub the ulcer!

I cringed at the thought of it, but not wanting to continue watching the ulcer grow bigger and bigger, I conceded to the idea. And so I did it. Yes. I rubbed salt crystals on my ulcer.

And it’s still there.

Please kill meeeeeeeeeeeeee… *cries*

I’m really feeling very miserable. I can’t eat or drink or talk normally. Anything salty in my mouth will cause sharp pains like needles poking at my ulcer.

Please kill meeeeeeeeeeeeee… *cries*

In other news, I went to school extra early today, to see my course coordinator, and was subjected to the horrors of the inconsiderate CW3 bus passengers.

Everyone crowds near the door, refusing to budge, because they want to be the first to alight. But they fail to see that if they hold up the queue and refuse to let other passengers board the bus, the bus will be delayed as well, and everyone would be late for work or school. Can’t they get that simple logic into those bird brains of theirs!

Sometimes, I really marvel at how people try to save time but end up creating more inconveniences for themselves and for everyone. This is something I’m extremely ashamed of, but I think Malaysians need to be educated on How To Be A Considerate Bus Passenger 101. You would think that being regular commuters, they’d somehow get into the flow of the routine without having the bus conduct or yell at them to “Move in! Masuk lagi!” every single morning. But nope, these people probably need to  be caned or be put at gunpoint before they learn this simple logic.

School was alright today. I had fun. But I still don’t really have friends.

BTW, does anyone want to alleviate my pain by telling me how to get rid of my ulcer (painlessly or as close to painless as possible)?


  1. u know according to wikipedia.. there is no real cure for ulcers… bonjela never really worked for me.. i always used salt! cold turkey style!

  2. Obviously those people prefer Adam Smith to John Nash.

    Get well soon dear.

  3. boss: already used salt but no use lah! its still there n stil hurts like f—.

    bb: what? who? huh? anyways bb YOU r the one who is sick. u shdnt say “get well soon” to me. u shd say “get well soon to me, n wish bb’s ulcer disappear now!” HAHA.

  4. Ermm. What about that Chinese medicine? That bitter greenish powder that tastes like vomit? I remember those work quite well…

  5. watermelon powder ah… but its soooooo bitter, not like real watermelon at all!!
    i’ll go buy some lah. 😦 *grumbles unhappily*

  6. Bonjela doesn’t work for me either. For me, I think I just drink plenty of water. Hehe..

  7. im also drinking alot now.. but its stil growing.. so sad lah. hopefully tmr morning i’ll see it shrink.

  8. Best is watermelon powder/aloe vera gel. And brush ya teeth more often than usual cuz toothpaste also helps to soothe the pain. I usually just keep biting the ulcer until it becomes numb to the touch though. T_T

  9. i usually just rub salt directly…but they said that watermelon powder works.. -shrugs- and i hate bonjela lar… yuck.

  10. Have you tried tea bags? (Yes, those things you make tea with). I’ve found it works pretty well actually. Just take it and press against the affected area. Keep it there for as long as you can. For some reason, it will feel better, but I can’t guarantee it will subside in size.

  11. Don’t stop till you’ve tried everything 🙂 Remedies at the bottom of the url below. See, Wikipedia agrees with me on the tea bag idea…

  12. I guess BB is trying to say that the people go freely after their own interests, where the Invisible Hand supposedly will result in a maximum gain for everyone. But market failure in this case leads to the Nash equilibrium of defect-defect, where everyone loses.

    In the absence of voluntary agreement among the actors, the state has to step in to maintain the optimal but unstable outcome of cooperation-equivalent, by enforcing regulation: Whoever crowds the door shall get an ulcer.

  13. gosh i may be too late…mycostatin your best shot! Had the same thing right on the same spot just when our client from the States visited our office…boy did I sound like I had a tooth extraction or something…suffered for three days then my friend recommended this..worked after a day…actually this is for candidiasis for the oral cavity but who cares…it cured my oral sores….

  14. i like using salt man… whoohoo. anyway, i used to have a friend who had ulcers on both sides of his mouth. it never seemed to go away.

  15. u are… sadistic.. it hurts sooooo bad to use salt!
    the best cure… live with it n wait for it to go away…!!

  16. I happened to hop to your blog, and yea… Probably an advice about ulcers? I personally rub salt on ulcers too. But i notice, that the best solution is to rub salt on it till it bleeds. And then rinse your mouth with salt water. It still comes down to salt, salt, and more salt. It’ll hurt, but as one would say… “No pain, no gain” and in chinese, “Xian ku hou tian”.

    Do recover soon…

  17. Ulcer eh? Just had one a few weeks ago, brushing incident aswell.

    Nothing much to do about it. Bonjela is good, but it’s not a miracle drug. It just nudges the body in the right direction to fix the ulcer.

    Think of ulcer as your mouth’s way of telling you that you’re brushing too hard. =)

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