Posted by: incywincy | January 14, 2007

Renewed Obsession

Gold Miner!

Sunday afternoon. What a lazy, slow, lethargic day. Spent the better half of the day lazing in bed, reading, and now, playing this silly game which, according to Teresa (my junior), is an “insanely inane and pointless game which will just keep you occupied forever and ever but is extremely exasperating when you don’t manage to pick up all the diamonds that you need to advance to the next level.”

Well said. Haha. I started playing this game a couple of years back, but as with all other games that I obsess about, this lasted a mere couple of weeks before being crossed out from my list of “things to do when you skip lectures and have nothing to do in your hostel room”.

I kinda miss Hall life.

But not really. Haha.

I love home too much to miss Hall. The comforts of home beats the unlimited amount of freedom I have when I live independently away from home. Still trying to get used to the idea that I cannot see BB any time that I feel like it. That’s the worst part about staying at home, I guess.

Then again, being able to talk to him online anytime I want to, now that we have upgraded our Broadband plan to Unlimited again, makes me feel infinitely better. And we can webcam, I suppose. Once I decide to install the webcam on this computer. Haha.

And I love free SingTel SMSes, and being able to log in to IDEAS  to send SMS (which is deducted from your monthly free bundled SMS, but appears like you sent it from your HP, instead of this nifty website) to any Singapore / overseas number. SingTel rocks. Haha.

Oh yes, forgot to blog about this: I used to have a desktop computer which I used before I bought my tiny Acer laptop. This desktop PC has been giving me alot of problems, which prompted me to buy a new laptop. But now, the desktop is at home in JB, and it’s such a blessing! My future brother-in-law helped to clean up the system, reinstalling everything, and now, this computer is our family computer! Still pretty good, with a Pentium 4 system, 80GB of harddisk space, and 512MB of RAM. The CRT monitor is abit bulky, but well, it works fine as a monitor, so I’m not complaining!

Now, I just use this computer when I’m at home, instead of my laptop, unless someone else is using this computer. I don’t play games or use PS on this computer, so it’s fine. The only grouse I have is our 512kbps broadband connection, which is a tad too slow compared to what I’m used to! Living at home also means that I have a printer at my disposal! This Canon 4-in-1 printer (copier, scanner, printer, fax) is simply wonderful, especially after I’ve lived without a printer for the last few years. While at NTU, I had to run to the school library each time I had to print something.

Okay, this blog entry has no theme, no topic. Perhaps the only underlying message here is that Daphne is really, really, really, really bored. Haha.

Hmm, Piggy has happily moved back with me, and is now happily settled. His ‘castle’ has been downsized because we don’t have that much space at home, to rebuild that huge castle that he had (in Mom’s words). Which is damn weird, considering he lived in a castle in my two-bedroom flat in Chinatown, and that he now has to live in a ‘terrace house’ at my home in JB (a terrace house also), which is much much more spacious that my previous flat.

Oh well.

Back to Gold Miner.


  1. Thanks, i wasted half an hour on that. -bleah-

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. play more! 🙂 its fun! hahahahaha..

  3. aaaaaaaaaargh im hooooooooooked…. haha but SO annoying to have to restart the game when u die!!!! hahaha me and malcolm were playing it nonstop just now =D

  4. and i died because i lacked of ONE DOLLAR. dammit.

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