Posted by: incywincy | January 9, 2007

New Semester

New semester tomorrow, new beginning. I will be a full-time student again – Happy, yet sad. Can’t wait to graduate! Haha.

I’ve been ‘missing in action’ for the last 1 week – haven’t really done much. Spent the New Year with BB, and then slacked around at home, trying to get used to staying at home with my Mom again. Last week, though, I went to work for SingTel for 4 days (from Thursday to Sunday) at Funan Digital Mall.

It was a terribly boring 4 days! It was actually a Lenovo roadshow, but SingTel had a booth there to promote Wireless@SG. The roadshow wasn’t exactly a success – I don’t think they made enough to even cover the costs incurred for the roadshow. There seemed to be more Lenovo promoters than customers, at any one point in time. Needless to say, our promoting the Wireless service wasn’t that big a success either.

I’m thankful for having had the roadshow, though. It means that I’ve got extra money! Hmm, I’ll need to try to save up abit of money, though. No matter how little. Another thing I’m thankful for was the opportunity I had to spend time with BB, though we had some run-ins. But that’s all sorted out now, somehow.

Originally I wanted to blog about my school, and their inefficiency, but I’m too lazy now. Shall save that story for another day. *yawns*

I seem so sleepy these days. Haha! 🙂 I should sleep more tonight. When school starts, everyone is sleep deprived – me included!

BB started school yesterday, and he blogged all about it. So happy to see him so enthusiastic about school nowadays. A total change from the Chaoyi that I first knew!

That guy was unmotivated, hated school, and never attended classes.

My BB now is motivated, enthusiastic about lessons, and always attends classes.

And he got AA BBBB for his exams last semester! Haha. I’m happy. I’ll also get great grades, and we will be smart people, and we will talk about smart things at dinner, and the people around us will be overwhelmed by the smart aura surrounding us, and they will all be smart too! Yay!

Okay, maybe it’s time to go and pack my schoolbag (Yay! New schoolbag from HK!) and stop talking rubbish. Hehehe!

A pointless but beautiful picture of the beautiful 琵琵 (Pipi) :

Orh. I miss her everyday.


  1. hmm how come the comment box is all the way at the bottom of the page?

    anyway, happy studying bb, love ya.

  2. hey, i saw your BB yesterday while at the bus stop. he came down from the shuttle bus. i need to stop that habit of looking out for you whenever i see him. haha. get used to being a fulltime student again!

  3. BB: I didn’t realise cos i nvr received much comments whn i used that template. hehe! anyway, i still like this template best! 🙂

    Rach: yes u need to stop that habit cos i’ll rarely be in NTU now! lol. being a full time student is nice. but getting used to my new batchmates… sigh. not so nice.

  4. hahaha. it’s jus auto la. he looked grouchy tt day. must be cos u not there by his side! i’m bored like hell in sch. i hate long breaks!!!! ohhh u take same modules as the new batch mates?

  5. rach: he always looks grouchy. haha. we have a nick for him.. 版脸. haha. its not i say one – is his fren justin say one.. lol. i hate long breaks too. so i dont have long breaks. haha at most 1 hr. hmm yea. more or less. haha 🙂 hard to explain.

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