Posted by: incywincy | January 2, 2007

2007 is here!

This is a little late, but well, better than never! Been busy the last few days, and I’ve finally got the time now to do this review of my year in 2006.

January: Began the year contributing to the unemployment statistics. Xiaoyun, my roomie, moved out, and I gained a new roomie, Huiying. Worked lots of Singtel jobs. Went to Yanzi conert (14 Jan) and became closer to Chaoyi. Finally got a job at Titan, which lasted about 6 months!

February: Got my first Valentine’s Day gift from my best friend, Chaoyi! 🙂 Hmm. First ‘disagreement’ with him also. Met Justin for the first time. First trip together – to Penang!

March: First haircut together! First birthday together with Chaoyi, at my home, with my sis Serene, and Mom. Things started happening to us sometime at the end of March. 🙂

April: Sunrise adventure. Got attached to Chaoyi, now known as BB! First time I talked to BB’s Mom on the phone.

May: First time celebrating Mom’s birthday with BB, and Serene (of course). First exam period with BB. His exam, of course. Haha!

June: Left Titan for good. Moved into my new house at Pearl’s Hill, with HongHai and YewFai. BB went back to Beijing for a whole month, during which I felt extremely lost. Found a new job at TGB.

July: Started working at the new job. BB comes back from Beijing! Met BB’s cousin, Mian Mian 🙂 Quit my job at TGB. Haha!

August: Went to Tioman with BB, Gerald, and Mian Mian. Found a new job at MegaW*rld & Engl*be. Started my new course at SHRI. New semester for BB too – best semester so far! 🙂

September: Tioman with Elaine. Pure bliss and lotsa girl-time. I have to juggle work, school and BB. Received Romeo my guinea pig from Stella. Officially stepped down from NTUSU 15th Exco.

October: Day trip to JB with BB, Justin, and Lemon. Rebonded my hair! Yanzi’s new best-collection album is out! Exam at SHRI. 1-week’s trip to Surabaya!

November: Spent very little time with BB cos of his exams. Started teaching tuition. Decided to go to Beijing in December! Excited! Started planning and reading about Beijing. 🙂 Left my job. Decided to study full time, and move home.

December: BB goes to Beijing first. I follow a few days later! Spend 2 blissful weeks in Beijing with my BB, and a day in HK on the return journey. Feel depressed for days after I get back to Singapore. Move home. BB is back from Beijing after 4 hour delay in flight (due to snow)! Spent our first New Year’s Eve together. 🙂

Okay, boring year. But many changes.

Still, I failed to fulfil my New Year Resolutions for 2006. This year, I only made 2. So I’ll make sure I stick to it!

Happy New Year 2007 to one and all. May we all be better people this year, and have better experiences this year. Cheers.

Looking forward to a wonderful year with you.


  1. happy new year babe and babe’s BB aka CY! 😀

    wah i cant believe u actaully can remember wat u did month by month. power memory! hehehehhee…

  2. lis: happy new year! haha.. 🙂 n don’t be silly.. i chked my blog archives. HAHAHAHAHA!but more or less can remember la. my life is boring mar. haha.

  3. Happy New Year Daphne!

  4. happy new year daph!! *muackies* 🙂

  5. oooh im back in blogsphere 🙂

  6. update!!

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