Posted by: incywincy | December 27, 2006

Away from Home

Been really tired these past few days – and I really haven’t been doing much. Haha. I guess it’s just the late nights that I keep, and the early mornings that I have, which make me so tired.

I’m not sure what I’m blogging about now, but I just felt like writing something, cos it’s been quite some time since I’ve done one of those pointless entries, just to talk about how I feel.

In the midst of packing up right now. I’m moving home to JB. Yup. Will be travelling to and from school (SHRI, near Bugis / Little India) from JB everyday, once the new term begins. I’m not as concerned about travelling as I am about how I’m going to get used to this “new” loss of independence. Sure, my temper is more toned down now than it was a few years ago, when I was still living with my parents. But after all these years of living on my own, it’s gonna take some getting used to before I can be in tune again, with Mommy’s ‘rules’. I’ll try my best not to irritate her, though! Hehe!

Thinking back, I first moved out of home when I was 19, during the second half of my second year in junior college. It was not a welcome decision – in fact, I ran away from home because I was so frustrated with my rocky relationship with Mommy, and Daddy (our peacemaker) was overseas on an extended business trip. After one particularly bad argument, I just left the house with some clothes, my books, and went to Constance’s place. I ended up staying there for a few months, till the end of my A Levels.

Staying with Constance was my first taste of freedom. Unfortunately, I had to study, so I couldn’t do much either. Haha! But I got even closer to her then, and to her parents and bro, Glen, all of whom were really sweet and friendly to me.

Glen had some friends who always came over to the house (and sometimes stayed over) – one of them was Cow. No one really remembers what Cow’s name is – he’s just called Cow.

One night, Glen, Cow, Cons and I went out for supper near their old place (Serangoon North) and we were laughing so hard about stupid things. We played two-player Snake on our trusty old Nokia 8210 and Nokia 8250, using infra-red. It was hilarious! Then we were goofing around on our way home, barking back at dogs who barked at us (we walked past a row of terrace houses), and then it started raining heavily! Needless to say, we didn’t foresee the rain, and had no umbrellas with us.

Haha. And since we were already wet, we decided to play in the rain some more! (Our phones and wallets were kept dry in the plastic bag – though I don’t remember why we had a plastic bag with us) At one point, we decided to all lie down on the road (okay it was a lane) and see who could roll to the end fastest!

Hahahaha! We still talk about it to this day. “Remember when we rolled down the road at Serangoon?”

I don’t think anyone rolled to the end, though. We couldn’t stop laughing long enough to make enough progress. So in the end, we just picked ourselves up, drenched clothes and all, and went home. Haha. Those were the fun times! It’s been over 4 years since (Gosh, how time flies!)

Well, after the few months with Constance’s family, I moved home for a few months, during which I worked in Singapore mostly, so I didn’t quarrel with Mom again. But in July 2003, I moved out again, to the University’s hostel. Been staying away from home since then – 3.5 years.

I’ve experienced so much in the hostels at NTU – and I guess the attractive part of living in the hostel mainly comes from (I’m sorry to say), the naughty things you can do, which you won’t be able to do at home. You can stay online to surf and chat till 5am, or have late night girl-sessions with your chums a few doors away. You can allow your boyfriend to stay overnight, or stick two thousand posters on your walls with the stickiest double-sided tape and not care about the paint on the wall. You can go out for supper at 1am and come back at 3am (and no one nags at you) or you can go clubbing 3 times a week. You can skip school any time you want and come back to the room to sleep, or have friends over all night without doing your tutorials or homework assignments. You can pile your laundry in one corner of the room till you’ve run out of clean clothes to wear, or you can leave the lights and fans on in the room all day without worrying about the electricity bill (or your mom’s nagging).

I know these aren’t good habits to cultivate, but everyone’s been naughty at one point or another in their lives. Besides…

Isn’t it super fun? Haha. But all these come with a price – your grades. So kids out there, don’t just play all the time when you’re living in the hostels. (This public service announcement has been brought to you by your senior, Ms. Been There Done That. Hur hur hur)

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