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Day 5 – Beijing Zoo

Finally, the long-awaited entry in my series of my Beijing travels! 🙂 It’s not my fault, you know. I really wanted to blog. But some people had no time to edit pictures for me to blog with! *mumbly grumbly* But well. It’s here now. 🙂

Day 5 (12 Dec)

We set out for the Beijing Zoo by foot, then bus. I was feeling a little under the weather, but we went ahead anyway. I was a little doubtful about this trip to the zoo, wondering if the animals will be around in wintertime. Well, they were! They were just rather inactive. Didn’t bother me, though. I could relate to that! 😉

Here’s a pic of me at the entrance to the zoo

Our first stop was the Panda House! There were quite a number of pandas in this special section of the zoo. However, they weren’t all that pretty and cuddly as one might imagine. They have yellow butts, and they just amble around on fours clumsily. Still, they’re quite cute. Am I contradicting myself? Haha. Well, thing is, the pictures of pandas we see are white and black. But the ones we actually see are yellow and black. Haha.

Okay, to illustrate my point, here are some pictures of China’s national treasure – the panda bear. Hur hur.

Locked behind bars

Why he don’t wanna look at us? 😦

And another one, outdoors. But he’s fast asleep.

BB took this pic from behind some bamboo shoots. I like it!

The panda just totally ignored me

Pardon the messy hair and pale face. Haha! Sick lah, okay?

And then BB saw birds, which he was more interested in

Spread your wings and fly away!

After that, we saw this, animal.

I’m not sure what it is. But it’s smart!

It can beg for food! See?

Some people were feeding it *frowns*
But it has a cute pink tongue! Hahaha! I love it. Foxy!

Afterwards, we proceeded to the duck pond. Yay!

Me and the birdies

Some art students sketching the scenery

Swan! So beautiful! Haha.

We also saw one that had his head in the water. Super funny!

And some other bird

BB said the beak is like styrofoam! I dunno. Hehe!

My favourite animal! Giraffe! Woo hoo. I love it.

It’s so tall! Haha. But it was indoors, cos it was too cold outside. I guess the giraffe wouldn’t be able to survive the winter outside cos it’s from Africa, land of eternal scorching sun. Haha! But I love giraffes. 🙂

And I like this bird too. I think I like long necks! Hehe!

BB was worried he would peck at me. Haha! Grumpy bird!


Cute, huh? Abit mousy.

Okay! That’s all for the zoo. There were some ducks, some other birds, some mongkies. I love mongkies, did I tell you? Haha! I have a mongky too. His name is Adam. See my mongky below:

(Not taken at the zoo) I love my mongky.

After that, Mongky and I went Wei Duo Mei, the yummiest bakery ever, to buy some bread for our breakfast the next day! They have this bread thing called the Golden Brick. You must try it if you’re in Beijing! It is superbly yummilicious! Hehe. Then we headed over to KFC to have our lunch-cum-tea, cos we were so hungry. It was 4pm.

End of our day! Lalala. We went home and had dinner at 6pm! Hehehe. I love eating at home with Mongky! Cos the food at home is yummy! Haha. Needless to say, I put on weight while I was in Beijing. 😦

Unrelated picture below:

I miss Pipi

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  1. your whole trip sounds so fun! I was reading yr new post, then I click refresh suddenly this entry came up already. Hee hee..

  2. beijing sounds fun!!!

  3. Oh..I think that animal is called the red panda. I like that picture of the blue bird. Nice!

  4. Merry Xmas Gal!!!!
    Have a great xmas!!!

  5. Happy Christmas! i like the beavers and fox thingy. haha. i want to go on holiday too! boohoo. but i made up for it, i guess, by wasting, i mean spending, 3 horribly wonderful days with some kids. haha. i hate it so much i’m going to go for it again next year.

  6. Hey darls…heh…just started blogsurfing again..haha…i think..the ‘some other bird’ is a toucan…hmm..yeah.. 😀

  7. heh.. thanks.. it really improved my quality of life after i knew that its called a toucan. LOL.

  8. […] day of my stay in Beijing, I fell terribly ill. Actually, I was feeling ill during our visit to the Zoo, already, which would’ve been more enjoyable had I not felt so weak. But, determined to enjoy […]

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