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Day 4 – Forbidden City and Wangfujing

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This is Daphne blogging to you, live from Beijing! Haha. I’m ‘guest-blogging’ here at BB’s site because I have problem accessing WordPress. Bleah.

Continuing where we left off…

Day 3: We stayed at home cos it was a Sunday, and his cousin Shumin jie jie and cousin-in-law Dongxin ge ge came over for lunch. Hehe. They’re so nice – and I’m not saying this only because this is BB’s blog. Haha. They’re just a very friendly and sweet couple, and chatty too. I like chatty people. Haha. And Shumin jie jie is very pretty! It was fun, although we stayed at home only. We also went to walk Pipi in the afternoon. Haha. That’s what we do everyday. Walk Pipi. She doesn’t do her business in the house – only when we bring her out. So good, right? Hehe.

Day 4: Fun fun fun fun day! We woke up quite early, then went to Forbidden City aka Palace Museum aka 故宮. Heh heh heh. I was so excited to know that we were going there. I likeee!

We went by bus (which costs RMB 1 – all bus rides here cost the same, whether 1 stop, or from the beginning to the end of the route – how cool is that!) and walked to Tian’anmen from the bus stop. Tian’anmen is just in front of the Forbidden City.

Outside Zhong Nan Hai, which is the area where the president, prime minister, etc., live. It is the area around a huge lake which is divided into 3 sections. Beihai (which is open to the public) and Zhonghai and Nanhai (both of which have been cordoned off using these tall walls, and where the security is very very tight)

Outside Tian’anmen. This is me with Mao Ze Dong! Haha. The other day, when we were here, I took a photo in which I stuck out two hands with the Victory-sign. BB said I must be the only one who ever took a photo with Mr Mao like that. Hahaha. So he made me take another one, a more serious one.

Why are my eyes so small! Urgh.

At the entrance to the Forbidden City

Stop saying I look like a ‘bao’.

BB snapped this pic of a kid, whom he thought cute. Patermal instincts?! Haha.

In China, they call it 玉米 (yu mi), in Singapore, they call it 玉蜀黍 (yu shu shu), but at home, we call it the normal… ‘jagung’. Haha! That’s Malay for corn. See? Easy!

I had my portrait done in less than 10 minutes by an artist. And he only used two types of pencils.

Ta-dah! 🙂

Do you think it looks like me? I can’t really tell. Oops. Haha!

Reaching! Haha. I told BB that in ancient times, wounded warriors returning from battles must have died on the way in to the palace because the journey was so long! So far!

We bought our tickets, RMB 40 each, and then BB hired a lady as our tour guide! Because the history of the palace is so rich and goes back so many centuries, seeing it without a guide would not be as meaningful. She was really good. She explained everything in detail, in both English and Chinese. I really enjoyed the tour, and was able to appreciate it more than the last time that I was here (about 6-7 years ago, maybe?)

The floor that I’m standing on is the original one. It is a few metres deep because the emperor then was afraid that people would tunnel their way into the palace!

Everything in the palace is associated with happiness, peace, longevity, power, etc. And you can see dragons everywhere! A dragon supposedly was a mix of many animals – the guide, Miss Zhou, said, “head of a camel, horns of a deer, claws of a hawk, ears of an ox, body of a snake, tail of a lion.”

There were heads of dragons around the palace, which spouted water during the rainy season. It’s hard to explain. But for Chinese speakers, that’s the origin of the word 水龍頭 (water tap). For non-Chinese speakers, it literally reads as water-dragon-head. Isn’t it meaningful? Hehe.

In those days, only the emperor could use the golden-yellow colour, and the numbers 9 and 5. 9 because it was associated with longevity – 九, the Chinese character for 9, sounds like 久, the Chinese character for long. And 5 because… I can’t remember. Haha. It’s the midpoint of 9. Something like that. ETA: 5 stands for imperial majesty. And they formed the phrase 九五之尊, which is another way to describe the emperor. I don’t know why. Haha!

This is me with our guide, Miss Zhou.

More dragons! Haha. This is one whole piece of stone. It’s true. The whole piece. There’s some meaning behind it too. (If I didn’t remember wrongly) From the bottom: Water symbolizes peace, mountains symbolize power, clouds symbolize happiness, and the 9 dragons symbolize longevity, of course.

Ok, that’s it for the photos in the Forbidden City. Reason why you shouldn’t date photographers #1: He will only edit and let you post photos which he thinks are ‘good’ from his photographer’s point of view. He thinks that posting up any other ‘sub-standard’ photos will mar is good reputation and his image. Bleah!

There are lots more photos, actually, that were taken in the palace. But that’s for my personal viewing. Sigh.

Anyway. Moving on. Here’s me outside the walls of the palace. It’s almost sunset!

And it’s like… 2:44pm. Haha.

After that, we cabbed our way down to Wangfujing, which is like the Orchard Road of Singapore. The whole place is just lined with shopping centres on both sides of the road! Looks very nice, doesn’t it?

Oh, we bought those earmuffs! Haha. I got a pair of red ones, he got blue ones.

We went to eat lunch at this Ajisen-like ramen place. I was super hungry!

Can’t wait to tuck in!

In front of a Catholic Church. Really beautiful.

Heh! I am a lady in a rickshaw!

We went inside the shopping centres, and walked around, but didn’t buy much. Also went into some small shops along the roadside. Quite interesting! Hehe. And in one of the shopping centres, I saw…

Hello Kitty!


And then we walked into a small alley, and came upon a really wondrous place, selling knick-knacks, souvenirs, food, snacks, etc. BB says its called 小吃街, meaning a road with stalls that sold snacks and traditional Beijing food.

We headed home on the MRT after that. Both of us were really tired then, and our legs were aching! Poor BB. He said that his legs were already tired when we were at the Forbidden City. Haha. Lousy!

On our way home, we stopped at a restaurant to have dinner – lamb steamboat!

Hehe. I like.

That night, I slept really soundly cos I was so tired from all the playing in the day! Hehe. Wonderful day. 🙂 For the next entry, you’ll have to wait till BB finishes editing the photos. @.@

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  1. nice headphone.. add to overall roundness..

    never try dog meat ah.. nice.. and pigpig heihei..

  2. was bloghopping..came across ur blog..
    very nice pictures taken.
    may i know what camera model are u using?
    anw beijing seems fun!envy..envy..

  3. hahaha u look cute in ur big puffy jacket!

  4. Photos are taken using Nikon D70, kinda old model. =)

  5. Blog hopping as well, and came across your blog. Thanks for posting your photos – they are lovely….

    It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Cheers!

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