Posted by: incywincy | December 8, 2006

Beijing Day 1 – Shopping!

Hello Everyone! I’ve arrived in Beijing safely. It was a long long long long long journey. I left my place at around 4.30am on 7 Dec, cos I was really really really really hungry, after skipping dinner. The previous night, I was too busy shopping for gifts to eat anything at all. Well, at least I got some really nice gifts. 🙂

Anyway, I had to reach the airport by 6, and would have to incur the midnight cab charges anyway. So I went early for breakfast instead. I was too nervous to sleep. I worried that I would forget something, or wake up late and miss my flight, etc. Well, here I am, at Terminal 2 Burger King! Looking *Toot*. Hahaha! New haircut.

Waiting for my check-in counter to start checking-in passengers.

In the departure area, Christmas has arrived too. Haha.

Strangely, in Singapore, Christmas comes early, at the beginning of November. It’s true. They all begin playing Christmas carols in the first week. That’s like 2 bleeping months away, almost. Anyway, moving on.

I was really tired by the time I got onto my flight. Was hoping for a window seat, so that I could lean against the side and snuggle up to sleep. But no such luck. I got an aisle seat, in the middle block of seats. And when I boarded the plane, there was a fat man sitting in my seat, asleep.

I went to him, and said, “Ahem. I’m sorry, Sir, I think you’re in my seat.”

The fat man opened his eyes and glared at me. Then he got up and struggled his way into the seat inside. Then he placed his arms on the armrest, and it spilled over to my side. Now, I don’t have anything against fat people, but he did it on purpose, I swear. He wanted me to have as uncomfortable a ride as he would. Bleh. He glared at me again while I put my things in the overhead compartment, and then he went back to sleep.

Oh boy. Was it a long ride.

My flight CX710 to Hongkong was about 3 hours and 45 minutes long. I slept most of the way. At the beginning, I put on a movie (a real boring one) on the small screen before me, and watched it for awhile, before falling asleep. I think the slow movie helped to make me fall asleep sooner.

Of course, my sleep was interrupted soon after, because Fat Man decides that he would like to go to the toilet, and instead of disturbing his friend (next to him), he would disturb me instead. So, great. I woke up, got out of my seat, and let him go out. When he got back, same thing, I was woken again. Bleh.

Soon after, they served breakfast. So I ate, again. Haha. It was chicken noodles in some thick sweet sauce. Much like the braised duck sauce Mom makes at home. There was also fruits, yoghurt, cinammon bun, orange juice, and tea.

After eating so much, Fat Man had to go to the washroom several times again, so my sleep was again, interrupted throughout the flight.

Finally, we reached Hongkong, and I got off the plane, mightily relieved never to see him again (unless of course, he was on the connecting flight to Beijing too, and had the seat next to me again, in which case I would absolutely demand that the air stewardess give me another seat).

The Hongkong International Airport was huge. But there isn’t much to see. And the facilities suck! And the people are so rude! I had to transit for almost 5 hours before my next connecting flight to Beijing, so you can just imagine how bored I was.

Having drank up all the water in my water bottle, I had to look for a water cooler, or buy a bottle from Watsons, for like HKD 12, which was like, SGD 2.50. I was desperate for water, but not that desperate. So I walked really far before I found one.

I was having a runny nose, so I had to buy some medicine from Watsons. The price was reasonable, but I didn’t have any HKD with me. So I asked the girl at the counter, who was resting her head in the palms of her hand as if it would drop off if she didn’t, “Hi, excuse me, do you accept any other currencies?”

She didn’t even bother looking at me, continuing to stare ahead, while snapping at me irritably, “US DOLLAH, US DOLLAH!”

I was abit sad then, cos I didn’t have any USD with me. Only SGD and RMB. So I put the medicine back onto the shelf, and was about to walk away. Then I saw a lady at the counter paying with RMB. Oh! So they accept RMB! Yay!

I happily took out my wallet, and paid for the medicine. I wanted to scold the girl, but my Cantonese sucks, and I didn’t know what was the word for, “Lousy service.” Haha. I took my medicine, and then I found a free access internet terminal near DFS (near Gate 61, if any of you are going to HK, haha) so I emailed my family, and Peiyu, who emailed me. 🙂

Then I walked around some more, taking some pictures.

Got abit tired, so I sat myself down in front of Gate 65, my departure gate, and took a nap. There was a Caucasian lady sitting next to me, and I saw that her ticket was for the same flight as mine, so I’d leave when she did. And then I read my book and promptly fell asleep.

When I woke up, the lady was gone! I glanced at the screen, and it was flashing, CX312, 16:55. OMG! My plane is leaving! I ran to the glass door, and it was closed! I saw the plane there still! So I ran to the phone – the emergency help phone, and pressed the button for “Emergency”. The operator answered after just one ring, and then I started blabbering.

“Please help me. You’ve gotta help me. I’m missing my flight! It’s gonna leave without me. The door is closed, but the plane is still there! Please help me! I gotta get on this flight! I’m at Gate 65. Gate 65! CX312! Can you radio them and don’t let them leave without me?”

And the lady was like, “Miss, please calm down. What flight is it again?”

“CX312! Gate 65! The plane is gonna leave! You gotta hurry!”

Then she said, “Miss. The plane is not leaving. You’re early. It’s one hour to the flight.”

I was like, “Oh… Really? Umm. I think my watch is an hour early.” And I quickly hung up. OMG. How could I have panicked like that! HAHAHAHA! I went back to my seat, and hid myself behind my book, hoping that no one saw me in that hysterical frenzy.

Hahaha. I know. Embarrassing, isn’t it? The time on the monitor reads the time of departure, not the current time. Haha! Well, I just woke up, the lady beside me had left, and I was just so worried! Haha. I told BB about it, and I’ll bet he laughed at me. Hahaha.

I boarded the plane after another 30 minutes, and found, to my delight, that I had the whole row to myself. Aisle seat again, but I guess that’s alright, though I’d like to have seen the night scene while we landed. Baby was already waiting for me when I arrived. The checking-out and baggage claim took a long time, so he had to wait quite a bit. But I was so happy to see him! Hehe. He brought me a jacket. And scarf, though I had my own.

We took the airport coach to Xidan, then took a cab from Xidan to Muxidi. I was super excited. Haha. It was blistering cold outside, but really warm on the coach. I was so happy to see BB again. Hehe. I told him the story about my embarrassing mistake again, and he laughed at me. Haha.

When we got off the coach, my legs nearly froze. I was wearing only a pair of jeans, with nothing else inside (of course I had underwear on, you silly). My upper half of the body was lots warmer, with my blouse, sweater, and two jackets on.

Got home, and his parents were home by then too. Hehe. So was his maternal grandpa. I was feeling really awkward and shy. All eyes were on me! But his Mom was really nice, and she gave me a big hug when I got there.

We sat around and talked a bit, then I showered and went to bed.

Woke up the next morning at about 11am. Hehe. His Mom let us sleep in cos I was so tired. She was already working on her laptop downstairs when I went down. It was almost lunchtime, so I skipped breakfast. Then his grandpa cooked us lunch. Woo hoo. My first meal in Beijing.

We didn’t have rice. It was abit weird for me. We had some kind of bread and prata-like thing. Haha. But it tasted sweet, so anything sweet is fine with me. Haha! Oh yes. BB’s Mom has a dog, called Pipi. Pipi is damn greedy, she will sit under the table and paw at us, begging for food off the table. And the thing is, everyone will feed her! Haha. She still has lots of fur, though. Heh. She’s quite spoilt, so she will do this each time we have a meal. Hehe. She’s very smart too. Smartest dog that I’ve seen. Though erm, she has a tiny problem. She’ll bark whenever the doorbell goes off, but if a stranger just walks in the door (without ringing the bell), she won’t make any sound. Haha. A bit useless as a watchdog, really.

She’s a cross between a Jack Russell and a something. Haha. Well. Here are some pics!

After lunch, we got ready and went out. BB’s Mom drove us out – she was running some errands too. We went to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China first. Haha. Long name. BB wanted to deposit some money in his account. Then we went shopping! At Fuxingmen Shopping Centre. I had to buy a pair of long johns, cos it’s so stupidly cold here. There are 4 weathers in Beijing, according to this website: Dust Storm, Sweltering, Getting Cold, and Stupidly Cold. Guess which weather are we having now? Haha.

Anyway, I bought a pair of long johns finally. Wanted to buy a coat, but everything looks either ugly, or is too expensive. Oh well. Then BB bought a handbag for his Mom, and a desk lamp for the study room. We walked back from the shopping centre after that.

It was really cold, but I got to see some old flats, some small lanes, and many many cars driving on the wrong side of the road. Haha!

We got to a park, beside a frozen river. Hehe. BB’s place was across the river, about 15 minutes’ walk away from the park. We sat there for awhile, watching people fly kites, and take walks. It was quite nice.

Went home, I took a nap, and then woke up for dinner. BB was very hungry. He kept asking his Mom when his Dad was gonna be back. Haha. Dinner was erm, interesting. We had alot of dishes with Cordyceps Sinesis in it. I found out belatedly. Humph. But it all tasted really good anyway. Haha. I just refused to eat the thing, when his Mom gave me a piece. Haha. She laughed at me, and then his Dad insisted that it’s not really a worm. Nevermind. Nothing will make me eat it.

After dinner, BB and I brought Pipi out for a walk. Heh. It was very very cold, the wind was really strong. But I had on my warm warm new long johns, and it was nice! Heh. It wasn’t all that cold – only my face. Haha.

Okay! It’s my bedtime! Tomorrow we are going out to play early in the morning! Haha. Gonna watch the flag raising at Tian’anmen, and er, I don’t know what else. Haha! I’m gonna go to many places!

Read the full set of my Beijing Travelogue


  1. the pictures are very pretty. 🙂 so jealous that people are overseas and having fun! boohoohoo. enjoy the rest of the trip, and i’m waiting for more pictures! 😀

  2. u sound continually in nap or sleep, even Romeo cant beat u… see, self-scared.. try search for “nap” (3 times), “sleep” (10 times)…..

    I imagine if the Fat Man was also heading for Beijing, seeing your destination in your sleep, came to calm u down in your panic, u might just slap him ha.. wahahaha

    jialat.. i think “getting cold” is the best of them…

    to learn scold ppl in cantonese, watch this cute taiwanese gal (Awww!!)

  3. i think by the time i smsed you ‘bon vayage’ u already on the way. it looks like so much fun! i oso wanna go… but no money. 😦

  4. maya: thanks. 🙂 i’ll post more pix once my bb decides to finish editing the rest of the photos! haha.

    xiaoluo: n im slpg again today. cos today i’m ill. bleh.

    linda: no. actuali whn u msged me i was… in JB. hahahahaha. thanks for the msg tho! 🙂

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