Posted by: incywincy | December 6, 2006

JB Singapore HK Beijing HK Singapore JB

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. Haha. What can I say – I was too excited about not having to work. Haha. Well, I must say also, in my defense, that I’ve been busy.

Baby’s back in Beijing now. I’ll be joining him in less than 24 hours! Haha. I mean, I’ll be on the plane by then. But I’ll only arrive 10 hours later, because of the darned 4 hour transit in Hongkong. Don’t know what I’m gonna do there. But this is the first time that I’m travelling so far (to such an unfamiliar place) alone.

Unfamiliar place, unfamiliar people, unfamiliar language. O_o

I think I will feel really lost in HK, especially. You may think, Haiya! 4 hours only! Not long, not long! but if you didn’t know, on my way back to Singapore, I will have to stop over for a whole day! Bleh. Luckily for me though, I will have Olivia and Wendy with me – my Jakarta international school chums from middle school days! Does that rock? You bet it does! Haha!

Anyway, I woke up really early this morning (I’m back in JB for a day) and Mommy bought char koay teow for my breakfast. Woo hoo! Then we packed my bag for Beijing. Haha. Alot of clothes. I brought along a pure wool sweater. I hope I don’t start to itch beneath it, though I know it’s gonna be warm. But some people do, you know. Itch when wearing pure wool, I mean.

I’m not sure if what I brought is gonna be warm enough, but I’m sure of one thing – I’m gonna look like a balloon under all those layers! Argh! So unglam!

Oooo! BB’s online! Ok! Bye!


  1. have a good trip and enjoy urself!!!

  2. char kway teow breakfast.. terror 🙂

    go for how long?

    hope u don start to itch on seeing BB.. under wool I mean..

  3. Have a great time there babe! I miss u already!!!!!!

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