Posted by: incywincy | November 25, 2006


This morning I sauntered into my office building slowly and carelessly, despite being late. I didn’t really care that much anymore. 30 minutes late on a bleeding Saturday morning is acceptable. Well, I’d allow it if I had my own company.

Anyway, the Security Guard at our building, known to everyone as Uncle was standing at the entrance, watching yet another company move away from the building.

Uncle has a naturally grumpy face. He isn’t really grumpy – his face just looks like that. Well, with his toothless grin and cheerful ways, he’s quite popular amongst those of us working at this building. We’ll go: “Hello Uncle! Good morning!” or “Uncle, makan already?” or “Bye Uncle! Go home early ok!” or “Uncle I’m going to Cheers, you want what drink?” etc.

And now everyone is moving out. The rent here is exorbitantly high, and the companies occupying the office spaces here are all SMEs. Naturally, they would look for other premises to run their business from, once the management raised the prices – in this case, CDL. Anyway, this morning I found Uncle standing there, looking truly grumpy. His eyes didn’t smile anymore. I said quietly, “Hello, Uncle.” And he said to me: “Everyone going. Later left me alone.”

I just smiled, not knowing what to say.

My company will be moving away next month too. I won’t be here though. I will be in wonderful Beijing! 🙂

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