Posted by: incywincy | November 25, 2006


Thanks to my sis Serene and UrbanWire, my friends and I had a chance to watch independent film Quinceañera* at Plaza Singapura last night. 🙂

I must admit the acting wasn’t very good, especially at the beginning, but I liked the movie on the whole, for it’s underlying message, and the somewhat witty lines. What I liked the most was the very sweet act of protectiveness that family blacksheep Carlos did for the pregnant virgin Magdalena at the very end. I liked Uncle Tomaz too. He was a jolly good fellow! 😛

Family support. That’s what the whole movie is about. Although there were some major generalizations and stereotyping in the movie, I think it’s recommendable – I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

I had 4 tickets, so I dragged my housemates Hong Hai, Yew Fai, and our common friend, Yizheng, to the movie. Well. I think they liked the movie. The sexual innuendoes and the gay sex scenes! -.-“”

Okay, before you run off thinking that I live with pervs, they’re not. They’re fairly decent guys – when not irritating the shit out of me. Hahahaha. We have pretty good fun together and they listen to me rant when I need to. Erm. So. I’m going to miss them when I move out lah! Sighs.

My housemates have their quirks at times, but I guess if you take the whole picture into account, they are good housemates! Cos they don’t get drunk, have wild sex-booze-n-drugs parties, aren’t super calculative, aren’t noisy, and they aren’t weird (though HongHai loves to sing at the top of his voice in the bathroom and Yew Fai talks to himself all the time while gaming). Haha.

Well, an enjoyable night out. 🙂 I am hungry. Can I go off for lunch now? My nose is runny. And my cough is… well. It’s still there.

*Quinceñera – What is it? Read more here. A very good review, without spoilers.


  1. wahahha… i Laugh Out Loud seeing HH and YF quirks, and the gay scenes… not bad the movie 🙂

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