Posted by: incywincy | November 24, 2006

Life Sucks

Everytime things are finally going right for me, another bomb is dropped on me, and my life is topsy-turvy again. I hate this. If everyone is loved equally, why isn’t the big guy up there taking care of me at all? All my life, I have been stumbling over rocks, stones and boulders. It has never been smooth. No one is watching over me, no one.

Why must my life be so difficult? I’m so tired of living, of my life.

This totally cancels out the happiness I felt while writing my previous entry.

I hate my life.


  1. Hey Daphne, yar life is never smooth sailing but the obstacles encountered do sometimes make us stronger in the process. Hope the problem is solved soon…

  2. Ahhhhhhhh…

    What a bad life today… Non-stop pain in HEAD known as HEADACH… and then reading of such dangerous posts…

    If I had not been feeling too much headach and if I had not to do preparation for the coming stupid exams… I would just keep on watching your awsome photo.

    What a bad life… no time to see good things..

    And don’t hate your life. After all you are not feeling headach…!!!

    Good bye

  3. BC: Hey babe. have not heard from u in sooooo long! yeah. i’m gonna just take things as they come. no point worrying so much now right? things will get better… i hope!

    Khuram: why is this post dangerous? well, i had some problems. but i’m not suicidal. good luck for your exams.

  4. Hehe..I’ve been reading your blog lah. But a bit shy to always make comments mah. Enjoy your weekends!

  5. BC: eh i love comments can. hahaha. hope u clear all ur CS mods this sem! =) u lucky girl. GEs left only hehe. ;P

  6. I really hope I could clear them!! You going to Beijing? Wow, must blog about your experience there!

  7. Yes! Beijing is gonna be fun fun fun! =) Hehe I wil definitely blog all about it — I think my bf won’t let me off the hook if I don’t! hahahaa.

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