Posted by: incywincy | November 14, 2006

Winter Wear

Why are long johns so ugly yet so expensive? It’s totally impossible to feel sexy in a pair of long johns – too damned ugly. Bah.

Got my coat, my boots, my scarf, my sweater, my socks. Now I need long johns! Boo.


  1. eh. i didnt know that you’re goin to beijing!! when?? how come didn’t let us know? or am i the only one out of the loop?

  2. oh don’t need to wear long johns la.. they are indeed too damned ugly. in fact, no one wears them, plus they make u look abit bulkier.. here’s a tip.. wear those long socks that reach to ur calves or knees, instead of johns. under ur shirts, just wear a tight fitting spag strap. it does wonders to keep the heat in. esp. since we girls dont tuck in out t-shirts or blouses, and the air can go in and chill ur tummy and butt. and dont wear loose fitting jeans without a belt, cos when u sit down, the air reaches to the crack of ur butt and its like… brrrrr~~! dont forget a pair of gloves too.. but anyway, u just need basic stuff right, cos when u get to beijing, everything there is so much cheaper, esp the winter wear!! heh. ive got a brilliant idea actually. why dont u buy more winter wear there.. and u can give me some when u visit me in dundee in july?! haha just anything will do, i’m not fussy.. cos spending pounds is so much more expensive than rmb! 😛

  3. 1 GBP = 15 RMB, scary siah…

  4. u don’t really need long johns unless u’re goign to russia or the north pole.

    i survived below freezing with just jeans, t-shirt, jumper and jacket in places as cold as berlin

  5. blog leh!

  6. yah lor!

  7. oyes!

  8. what do you wear in the north pole during the winter time well i need to know by sunday before 6’o clock thanks taylor

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