Posted by: incywincy | November 13, 2006

Long Absence

So I’m finally back at work and at this blog. I’ve been busy, mostly. Work, BB, and work, and BB. Hehe.

On Thursday night, after work, I went swimming with XY at Cavendish Park Condo. Yeay! I was really glad that I decided to go, despite feeling terribly awful because of the unlucky incident. It made me feel so much better. We did a number of laps (I kinda lost count after the fourth) and then relaxed in the hot steaming jacuzzi! It was such a nice feeling. Heh.

However, we ate up all the calories that we had burned, at our late dinner afterwards, at Al-Ameen. Haha! Naan, chicken masala, tom yam soup. Lol. At least it cancelled out the effect of the dinner, I guess! Hehe. Stayed over at BB’s place after that – I brought him supper and Brands. Hehe!

On Friday, I took half day off, went to MOM, got nothing done there, then went off to VivoCity with Yu for some winter-shopping, coffee, chats, and erm, just long periods of silence. I was abit upset that day, and being with her actually made me feel so much better. When I went home, I got stranded at the MRT station, cos of the pouring rain, and I felt abit lousy again. I sat there on the steps, thinking of all the unlucky and unhappy things that had happened to me. SMS-ed BB, back and forth, and I really didn’t feel any better. So by the time I got home, I just kicked off my shoes, took a hot shower, and lay down in bed MSN-ing with BB and Justin and doing random things online.

At night, we forced invited Justin out for supper (steamboat!) at my favourite place at Geylang, 川一品火锅楼 (Chuan Yi Pin steamboat house)! Yea! So happy. We were supposed to eat at 老火锅 which is the usual place we go to (it’s cheaper, has free flow of drinks, and they know the boss) but he closes at 2am. We arrived at the place at some time past midnight. So we went to 川一品 instead. They open till 5am! Haha.

It was really yummy, as always. They renovated the place so it’s now much bigger, and more airy. Still, our clothes stank after the meal. Haha! I prefer 川一品 to 老火锅 because the soup is less oily, and tastes better. It’s also cleaner, which gives me a peace of mind. But 川一品 is further in Geylang, and it’s quite a distance from the MRT. Despite having been there so many times, I will still get lost if I go there by myself, I think! Haha!

Anyway, BB wanted an English name, and we finally got him one. Haha. I like the name.

Got home around 3am, I think. I was too sleepy to think. We showered, then went to bed quickly. On Saturday morning, I went to work at the Singtel Christmas Fair at Suntec Convention Hall. Good thing: Work means money, I like working at roadshows mostly, I like talking to people. Bad thing: We had to wear heels. Imagine standing for 11 hours each day on heels. Ouch. And we had to wear the attire that was provided – mine was a sleeveless top which was a very good fit, if I ate sparingly for the past few days. I did eat sparingly, haha, but I also had a steamboat buffet the previous night. Haha! Anyway, the place was really cold, and my sleeveless top really didn’t help to keep me warm.

Happy to work with XY again, though we were at different stations. I was promoting the LIVECam this time, but as always, I ended up promoting everything else, cos no one is interested in the product I’m pushing. Lol.

Anyway, just to say that I’m absolutely amazed by how little the new generation of Singtel promoters know. They know only the product that they are promoting, and nothing else, not even the most basic things, like the mobile phone price plans. You’d think that they’d know a little more, or that they’d bother to find out abit more. But they don’t, and they didn’t go read up any more than they are supposed to know.

Maybe it’s because I’ve worked there longer, and had promoted different products before. In fact, I was just counting the years yesterday. Just 2 years, actually, that I’ve worked for Singtel. 3 Christmas Fairs. And I’ve been there since the soft launch of 3G at Singtel! Woo hoo. That explains why I know more that the silly promoters now. Haha. Last time, we had to know everything cos 3G was really new, and people didn’t know about it. So we had to explain everything to the customers.

Anyways, in the last 2 years I’ve worked at so many roadshows, plus, I also worked at West Mall Hello shop for a few months. Yizheng said I’m nuts to love working at roadshows. Haha. I think I’m in love with Singtel. Haha. I changed my phone to Singtel, and got BB to change his too! But that was before we got together. Haha.

Okayy. My boss is back from Dubai. Finally. He just walked into the office! So I’d better stop blogging!

Thanks to BB who gave me massages after work on Saturday and Sunday, when my body and feet were absolutely aching. Love you BB!


  1. Eh.. you should try finding a perm job at Singtel in that case.


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