Posted by: incywincy | November 9, 2006

100 Things About Me

Some things you may or may not know about me. Honest, proud, and painful to write, at parts…

1.  My life consists mainly of a routine/cycle of mess-the-room-up and clean-the-room-up

2. I’m addicted to the Internet

3. Everyday I surf the net for random things to read, from sites like Wikipedia and Digg. Things that intrigued me recently are: the Northern Lights, the Big Bang theory, Kaavya Viswanathan, halal vs Kosher, Yahoo and it’s self-imposed internal competition, learning while you sleep, and wholphins, among others.

4. I used to hate pink, during the stage when I wanted to be cool and un-girly

5. I own every single Sun Yanzi album, most of her VCDs/DVDs, and some in duplicates

6. I love Dettol bodywash

7. I love Asience hair care products

8. In 7th grade, I had a major crush on a Taiwanese guy called Andy Wang from the 11th grade

9. In 8th grade, I fell out with a classmate, Melanie, because we both adored a Korean classmate, Rae

10. I always wanted to do the International Baccalaureate programme instead of A Levels, and would have, if I had not come to Singapore to study, and remained in Jakarta instead

11. I spent age 0-3 in Bogor (Indonesia), 4-9 in various parts of Malaysia, 10-16 in Jakarta (Indonesia), 16-23 in Singapore

12. I’ve thought of Malaysia and Indonesia as my home, but not Singapore

13. I can only sleep when my “tummy warm warm”

14. I’ve slit my wrists, taken pills, and have thought of dying

15. I’ve been to IMH, and taken anti-depressant pills

16. I had 3 primary schools, 2 secondary schools, 1 junior college, 2 universities, and counting

17. I went to kindergarten for a year at Wesley Methodist Kindergarten, JB

18. My first drawing at school was a 6-armed, 2-legged orange monster with 3 eyes. I got 5 stars for it.

19. I was an advanced reader in kindergarten

20. I loved reciting the times tables because it was like singing to me. Satu kali satu, satu. Satu kali dua, dua.

21. I now spend $15 every month on magazines

22. I ultimately run into some kinda disagreement/problem with my female friends, but never with male friends

23. I find male friends easier to handle than female ones

24. I love Hello Kitty

25. I used to love Powerpuff Girls in JC

26. I wear pink furry bedroom slippers

27. I have an obsession with striped formal shirts

28. I love working at SingTel roadshows

29. I used to want to be a doctor, only because Elaine (my younger-by-a-year sister) wanted to be one. So I studied triple science in secondary school and junior college. I later went on to study English Language at the university, and now Human Resources.

30. I (and my sisters) used to own guinea pigs. The ones I remember were called Kae-Kae and Patches. I don’t remember the others.

31. I used to love reading Japanese comic books that were translated into Indonesian

32. I’m fascinated by the Chinese Language, and most of what I know now is self-taught

33. I get really embarrassed when the girls working at the lingerie shops can tell, after just one glance at my chest, what size I am

34. The most expensive bra I own is from La Senza, and I hate it

35. I love wearing formal office wear because it makes me feel important and smart

36. I’ve been eating the same 3 things for lunch for the past 3 months at my current job – wanton mee, ban mian xian, and fishball meepok

37. My favourite film genres are romantic / comedy / romantic-comedy

38. I have no respect for girls who tell dirty jokes in unfamiliar mixed company, i.e. when you’re in the company of people who are not close friends, etc.

39. And I will slap the guy who tells me a dirty joke

40. I think my sense of fashion is totally boring

41. I adore 3M products!

42. My dream as a young girl was to get married at 21, have a child that same year, and literally ‘grow up’ with my child. I’m 23 now, no where near being married, not pregnant, and more matured than I thought I would be at 23.

43. I don’t believe in horoscope and zodiac shits

44. I am careful not to say ‘oh my god’, and use to ‘oh my gosh’ instead. I find it disrespectful to use God’s name in vain.

45. I have been in 3 mission schools – Wesley Methodist Kindergarten, St. Nicholas Convent, and Assumption English School

46. I tried to learnt how to play Starcraft and Counterstrike when I was studying at AES so that I could hang out with the boys, cos I found most of the girls strange (on hindsight, I think I was the strange one)

47. I was better friends with my seniors in AES than with my classmates

48. I thought the “three musketeers” – Luke, Kenny and Rick – were some of the funniest people I knew in AES. I still miss them sometimes.

49. My favourite radio station now is BigRRadio – no commercials, no irritating / dirty-minded / loud-mouthed / giggly / sappy / lame deejays

50. I think Wong Li Lin is the hottest artiste in the Singapore entertainment industry

51. I hate Wang Xue Jing (some ex-child singer in Malaysia) – stuck-up brat who can’t sing.

52. My favourite fast food was Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. Now, I don’t have any faves, but I’ve not found any others that are as good as Wendy’s.

53. My favourite Thai restaurant is Lerk Thai

54. I hated everything chilli until I discovered North Indian food, and later, Thai food.

55. I’ve had boyfriends from all the major ethnic groups in Singapore/Malaysia.

56. One of the fruits I love, but cannot seem to find here in Singapore, is custard apple.

57. I hate watercress and spinach, and long beans (because they squeak between my teeth)

58. From where I am sitting in my bedroom, I can count 18 pink items (bedsheet, throw cushion, pink starstar cushion from BB, frame of magnetic whiteboard, face towel, pencil case, cosmetics case, waterbottle, shawl, keyboard wristpad, pocket mirror, socks, musical toy, pig’s cage, pig’s small broom-and-dustpan, pig’s shit scooper, bedroom slippers, Hello Kitty rubber mats)

59. I have 4 photos on my desk, all of various combinations of myself, BB, Mian Mian (BB’s cousin) and Gerald (BB’s roommate and future cousin-in-law, haha)

60. My thermal mug at work is red in colour

61. I miss working at Titan, and I miss the people there (minus one)

62. I used to work at The Green Book, and they were the worst employers one could ever wish for

63. I used to listen to Hanson’s song, MmmBop, on repeat.

64. I listened to Bon Jovi throughout my teenage years

65. I went to Anderson Junior College during the first 3 months, and I was in the same class as my sister, Elaine

66. We told people that we were twins, and they believed us

67. In AJC, I cried because I couldn’t do my Math homework but Elaine could

68. I always sucked at labwork because I was never clear about the procedures

69. I use Sofy sanitary pads and OB tampons. Haha!

70. In secondary school, I attracted the weirdest guys in the school

71. In secondary school, I used to stay up till really late, chatting on mIRC

72. I had my secondary school graduation dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel

73. I took pictures with people that day whose names I cannot remember now

74. I have short attention span, but when I get interested in something, I become really passionate about it

75. I have piano certificates that I feel are beyond my actual skill level – I don’t deserve them

76. I’m not materialistic, but money (or the lack of it) is often on my mind

77. I first learned rollerblading in our dining room in Jakarta, by grabbing onto the chairs and table while I made my way around the table

78. In less than 2 months, we progressed to ice-skating, taking lessons at the Senayan Mall rink.

79. I read a variety of books but cannot stand self-help and get-rich themed books

80. My interest in Science began with the Charlie Brown series of children encyclopedias

81. My Mum bought us our first full set of adult encyclopedias by collecting coupons from a local supermarket in Jakarta. I loved her for that. We weren’t rich, and encyclopedias were really expensive, but she wanted us to have a set anyway.

82. I always take pride in the fact that I grew up in an international school, and therefore, have met people of all races and nationalities, and was probably more streetwise than other kids my age back home in Malaysia then

83. Because of my international school education, I am tolerant and accepting of all religions and races, and I hate racist people, whom I will not hesitate to give a dressing down to

84. I lived in Hall 10 (Block 49, Block 52), Hall 7 (Block 37) and Hall 4 (Block 24) while in NTU.

85. I’ve written for Chronicle before in my first year at Uni, and I later went on to be the chief editor of the Tribune, whose rival is the Chronicle.

86. I used to go to City Harvest Church. I can’t imagine why.

87. I left CHC because of my CGL’s relentless restrictions imposed upon me

88. My first bible was given to me by my childhood best friend, Diana. It was her very own before she passed it to me. I still have the bible, and I used it up until last year, when I got a newer one.

89. I’ve only bought lottery once, for the number 1114, with my fellow councillors in PJC. We were too broke to buy the permutations, and later we kicked ourselves for that, because the number that won a prize was 1411.

90. I was the only one who was 18, and therefore, of legal age to buy a lottery ticket

91. I love painting banners, which probably explains why I was a Student Councillor in JC and Publicity Officer in Uni

92. I haven’t been in a club in about 11 months

93. I can dance street salsa

94. I love pineapple cakes from HK / Taiwan

95. Working in a real estate firm has increased the frequency of my newspaper reading

96. I only buy bras in 3 colours – nude, blue, and black

97. I don’t know how to tweeze my own eyebrows

98. I adore romance novels by authors like Danielle Steel, Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Linda Lael Miller, etc.

99. I’m excited about life, in general

100. I cannot believe I down wrote 100 things about myself, and that it took 2.5 hours.


  1. “42. My dream as a young girl was to get married at 21, have a child that same year, and literally ‘grow up’ with my child. I’m 23 now, no where near being married, not pregnant, and more matured than I thought I would be at 23.”

    ok, cy, i think its polite now to tell her “YES, I WILL”.. heh.. oh, n, do wear “striped formal shirts” more often. now u noe her weakness! but buy cheap one lar or u buy one cut into 2 for e front to just show u, she will tear dem off anyways. haa…

    on another note: thks for putting dis up. i noe u more now. feel closer to u in sme ways u noe. so yr 2.5hrs effort is worth it. 🙂 just sme rubbish comments – i hate wong lilin. where got wendy’s hams? sound so yummy, makes me so hungry now. aes had their graduation at goodwood park? so glam! my was at sme ulu hotel call furama (n tat was e only yr they did, they usually haf it in the school canteen. how old were u when u had an indian bf? i hear their pee pees r v big, is tat true? muahaha, i’m just v v v curious abt tat.

  2. hahaha.. ure so funny la. n u got very very very very active imagination. haha.

    hehe im glad someone else (besides BB) bothered to read thru the whole long list! 🙂 thank you for reading!

    wendy’s hamburgers.. er.. US? Indo also got hahaha. its yummyyy. i love it. heh.
    er… i nv see his *censored* before leh. HAHAH. i was much younger then. lol.

  3. out of curiousity, i also finish it… the printer is occupied, don wan to squeeze between them….

    I have gals-in-formal-attire fetish, developed in my NBS years… oyes..

    cant imagine someone loves working at roadshows… haha.. hsien yang would feel happy for this, for his retirement from singtel

  4. i have the exact opposite interest with u when it comes to books.

  5. Hey guys, this message board software this website runs on, is it something i can buy for my own website or is it propriatary?

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