Posted by: incywincy | November 8, 2006


I’ve been watching movies for the last two nights – On Monday night I watched Patch Adams, and then last night, I watched A Cinderella Story (yes I know, snigger all you want, but Chad Michael Murray is so cute!)

Anyway, I’m sadly lagging in my Project CS. Hehe. But I’m not watching any movie tonight, so  I guess I’ll do some catching up! I don’t think I’ve got enough time! Haha.

I’ve also got other more exciting projects to do:

1. Project “Change-the-Buttons-on-the-Coat”, which entails decision making! *gasps* Should I use brass/gold buttons? Or should I stick with plain black. Or white? This morning I had a revelation. White may make my coat look less stern! But I’m not sure whether it will look weird! Oh alright. Here it is:


I need to decide on the buttons I want, then go and buy it, and then sew them on. There are like.. fourteen freaking buttons on the stupid coat (on sleeves too). I made a rash decision in buying the coat, and now I think it’s too dressy. Anyway, it’s for my Beijing trip this winter, in case you’re wondering why I need a fur coat in Singapore. I got it cheap on Yahoo auctions from a lady who bought it but never wore it, never even removed the wrapper, haha. I’ll be in Beijing for only 10 days anyway. Haha. But still. I need to change the buttons. They’re a little faded. So. Help me. Brass? Gold? Black? White? I don’t want it to look too dressy! I’m just going to wear it out when I go out, not to some high-class place! Bah. Otherwise I may get another coat when I’m there. Then just leave it at his house to rot until when I next go again! Haha! Haiyah! This is such a bimbotic thing, but I really can’t decide on the colour of the buttons.

But I still think the coat is pretty. Maybe not suitable for my trip, but pretty nonetheless.

I also need to make the coat smaller by moving the buttons around my waist a little. It’s slightly too big! This coat was from USA, so the size is a little un-Asian. The M Size is actually big for me! Even after I wear another 2 layers underneath, it’s likely to still be a bit longgar (loose-fitting),

Well, for this I definitely need the help of XY and Elise! Babes, we are going button-shopping ok! Haha. Yeay. Button-shopping sounds coooool. Wayyy. Hehe.

2. Project “Take-photos-of-all-the-junk-I-wanna-sell”, which is abit difficult cos a lot of my belongings are in JB! Haha. So I need to go home, get my stuff, lug it back to Singapore, try to take photos of the stuff with my camera phone (since my own camera decided to die on me), then post them all online to sell. I will set up the website, so please support it then okay! Should be up maybe next weekend, cos I have to work this weekend!

3. Project “Find-more-winter-clothes”, from home. I went to Beijing a few years ago, but I don’t think many of my winter clothing fits anymore. Haha. Will have to dig somewhere deep in the closets. I’m going to buy a little here and there, but as little as possible, cos I am not going to live there forever. Yet. Haha.

Seriously, I have been reading so much about Beijing. Add that on to what I remember about the place from my previous trip, I’ve decided that I’m going to love it. 🙂 Of course, the fact that *coughmyboyfriendisfromtherecough* adds to my excitement. Haha. I wouldn’t mind living there if he decides to go home to work there.

Sites I’ve been reading: eBeijing | Beijing Travel Tips | Beijing Weather | The Beijing Page


Okay, after lunch I will talk about the two movies I watched for the last 2 nights. Haha.


  1. “Button-shopping”?

    Go down to the shop, get the one you want, go back home. That’s it right?

  2. no baby. u have to go there and select the different designs of the buttons!
    there are so so so so many types! hahahahahahahahahaha… aiya baby im a girl. 🙂

  3. excuse me PA.. were u blogging at work?

  4. oops. hahahahahahahaha.

  5. do u think i can borrow that coat of yrs when i go cameron highlands? hahaha…
    cant decide for. mayb u bring e coat down n compare against e coat? coz for me, i find it damn hard to visualise something. may turn up round n den i haf to go dwn n choose again. i’m v fussy one lor.
    “I wouldn’t mind living there if he decides to go home to work there.” is tat yr marriage proposal to him??? hehe…

  6. eh… cameron highlands isnt that cold lor! hahaha but u can borrow anytime u wan.. as long as im back by then hahahaha..
    marriage proposal? what marriage proposal? *looks left, looks right* i don’t see any?!

  7. “the fact that *coughmyboyfriendisfromtherecough* adds to my excitement.”

    Haha, i like the way u put it! HAHA!!!

    Reminds me of the army check up, where the guys have to drop their pants, look to the right and cough out loud…

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