Posted by: incywincy | November 7, 2006

My son is innocent, says father

The front page of today’s Straits Times carried the story of the double murders committed in Sydney 2003, by Singaporean then-undergraduate Tiwary, who murdered his Singaporean housemate, Tay Chow Lyang, and later, another housemate, Tony Tan Poh Chuan, to remove the threat of him being an eye-witness. The apparent reason for the murder? A dispute over flat rent amounting to A$5045 (S$6097).

When I read the article, I felt chilled. How could anyone murder another person, much less two persons, and appear in court calm and confident? How could anyone murder another person over money?

After committing the murders, Tiwary called the police and paramedics, and then awaited their arrival outside his flat.

Tiwary was sentenced to a life behind bars yesterday. For committing such heinous crimes, I think he should be sentenced to more than just that.

In the article, it also said that his parents are going to appeal for him. His father spoke to ST for the first time, saying: “As far as I’m concered, my son is innocent.”

What I’m wondering here is:

How can parents love their children so much as to be blind to their acts of brutal murder? Yes, I can understand the argument that parents should stand by their children in such times, but please, listen. He committed a double murder!

How much love is enough?

Will parents who keep giving in to their children and allowing them to do as they wish, turn out young adults with mindsets that they can get away with anything?

Two years after the murder, but I’m sure the parents of Tay and Tan, whom Tiwary bludgeoned and stabbed to death, are still missing their sons. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have such a misfortune befall upon my family and future children. I just hope and pray that our lives will be nothing like this. My condolences to the families of the victims.


  1. The murder only exist if one believe so. Most people believe because of the evidence, but if some choose not to believe due to other reasons, you can’t blame them much.

    信则有,不信则无,same for religions.

  2. Base on the evidence recovered now he is guilty. But what if years later there’s another person found guilty for this murder case?

    I’m not saying Tiwary is innocent, but such cases did happen before than people jailed for years are found innocent.

    I believe only he himself and the victims know who the criminal really is.

  3. but he admitted it mah.

    [ETA: Tiwary did not admit. The ST news article misled me into thinking that he did.]

  4. get ur facts right

    tiwary did not admit

  5. if i misinterpreted the news article, i’m sorry.

  6. […] Some days ago I wrote about the Sydney Double Murder case. Disclaimer: I only read the Straits Times news article about it, and may not have interpreted everything fairly or correctly. […]

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