Posted by: incywincy | November 7, 2006

Mobile Phones I’ve Had

Just bored in the office, so I’m going to write about the phones that I have used previously! Haha. I know, how bored can I get, man. Seriously.

Well, I’ve used a sufficient number of cellphones to write a decent blog entry, so yeah. Make a guess about the number. Hahahaha.

So! Here’s my first ever cellphone, the Siemens C35i! I got it with an M1 line, which my then-boyfriend signed for me, in 2001 / JC1. We got it at the Jurong Point M1 shop. Haha. I still remember. We went there cos Huey got hers there!

I loved it! It was my first cellphone and I had running numbers with Huey, 94797375 and 94797376. Hehe! Unfortunately, it got stolen from my bag by a pickpocket in JB just 1 year after I got it. 😦

Next, I got a Nokia 8210 (actually it’s not mine, I loaned it from a friend who upgraded to the very canggih Nokia 8250 with blue lights that irritated the shit outta me). But I was happy with the 8210! It’s still one of the best phones I’d used before, cos it was easy to use, had no frills, was light and small.

So small, that I lost it again. Pickpocket at Orchard Road. It was the day that I went out shopping with friends after our A Levels exams ended. What a killjoy.

Soon after, Daddy got me a new line and a new phone, in Dec 2002. Starhub, 90663283. Nokia 3610!

This one held some memories for me, cos Dad bought it for me. Haha. I used it for over a year. Then I don’t know why I changed my phone. But my next phone was the chio-est ever!

Behold, the most perfect, most tiny, most beautiful, most enviable, most cute, most lovely Siemens SL55!

I loved this phone to bits. It was so tiny it was only half the size of my palm. And I have pretty small hands. How not to love a phone like this, you tell me? And I felt that it was user-friendly too. So yeah! Loved it! But it was so small that I lost it too. Bah. To this date I don’t know how I lost the phone. One day, during my antisocial phase where I had changed my number to a prepaid one just so people can’t call/SMS me, I suddenly realised that my phone was gone. Yeah! Smart girl.

Next up, the most disgusting phone ever held in my hands, the Nokia 3100. I had to buy this because I lost my previous phone but didn’t want to spend too much on another nice new chio expensive phone.

Well. It served its purpose as a phone. End of story. I still have it, but it’s damaged. I used several numbers with this phone – many of which were prepaid numbers, cos I was still going through that antisocial phase.

A year ago, I signed up for a brand new SingTel line -8123****. And got this phone, the Mitsubishi M800. It was quite a useless phone, but I loved the exterior, and how it helped me start conversation with others.

I still have it, in good working order, albeit scratched on the exterior. Trying to sell it at a low price. Any takers? 🙂 Hehe. Good as a second hand phone, good for SMS-ing, good for taking photos in brightly lit environments.

Then, this year, some 2 months ago, BB bought a new phone the Nokia 6280, so he lent me his Sharp 802SH from Vodafone. I love this phone for its functionality. The camera, the SD card, which aids easy transfer of data to my laptop, which has a SD card slot. Hehe.

Although slightly bulky, it is a great phone! 🙂 Hehe. It’s the most high-tech phone I’ve ever had, so, Haha!


  1. oh yeah, I still rem our running numbers for our hp lines =) Those were the days manz…

  2. Most high tech siah…

    tsk tsk tsk… I have played with at least 5 Nokia Symbian phones, haha.

  3. what?! they stole ur phone in JB… THEM CRIMINALS!!!

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