Posted by: incywincy | November 6, 2006

MRT Crimes

I opened my browser and came across the most traumatising joke that I’ve ever read. 

Whats the difference between a dead baby and apple pie?
Chuck Norris doesn’t eat the apple pie after he has sex with it.

What the…?! So tasteless. Gahh. This is the most nonsense joke I’ve ever heard of.

Moving on. I woke up some time barely past 7am this morning, cos I woke up and saw BB stoning at the foot of my bed. He fell asleep almost immediately after dinner last night. Pig.

The theme of today’s blog entry shall be: Inconsiderate people in the MRT.

I know that this topic has been debated, taken apart, analysed, dissected or discussed many many times before. But today I have nothing to write, and today I witnessed all the horrors of a packed train because I took the train with the morning crowd who are on the way to work.

Well, Asia has the rudest and most discourteous people I’ve ever seen, of course. Partly because the number of people from the western civilizations that I have come across are limited in number. Also because I live in Asia and have met many people from many different parts of this continent.

Here are some of the atrocities committed by my fellow MRT-riders:

I’ve seen people who stare into space (or elsewhere) or fall asleep instantaneously just because they see a pregnant lady or old person on a crowded train standing in front of them.

I’ve sat next to people who open their copy of Straits Times so widely that they invade into the space in front of you.

I’ve had my fingers squashed by people who insist on leaning their entire body onto the poles (that were meant for commuters to hold on to), totally ignoring the fact that your fingers are there.

I’ve seen people stand right in front of the train doors, ready to charge and force their way in, before letting passengers alight from the crowded train.

I’ve seen people who are standing on the inside of the doors, right in front of it, refusing to budge to let passengers alight. Can’t they just step out of the train first and get back on again later?

I’ve tripped on the feet of inconsiderate people who stretch their legs out while seated.

I’ve nearly lost balance because I had nothing to hold on to. The man beside me was holding on to three handgrips. What? Does holding on to three increase your stability?

I’ve heard bloody inconsiderate youngsters who impose their choice of songs on you through earphones that act like speakers. They blast their music so much so that we can hear it some 10metres away. Yes. From earphones.

I’ve seen people using their bags to hog seats next to them.

I’ve seen parents who let their children lie down in the MRT, occupying 3 seats instead of the 1 that each person is entitled to.

I’ve had people push me out of the train, yes, because they were in a rush to get out, even though I was alighting at the same stop.

I’ve watched people crowd around the door instead of moving to the centre of the carriage, so that they can get off the train first at their destination.

I’ve seen teenagers sit on floors in trains, in a circle, playing cards. And the worst thing is, they like to sit at the doors.

I’ve watched parents who allow their children to run around in MRTs, climb poles, crawl under seats, lie on the floor, and worst of all, cry and shriek continuously at the top of their voices.

Share some stories?


  1. Well, analyzing from a mechanical engineer’s point of view, holding 2 handgrips do increase the stability. But 3? No.

  2. baby! not funny ok! … bleh.

  3. Males who sit with their legs wide open, taking up the personal space of the ppl seated next to him.

  4. I saw a woman hang her suit bag at the side glass and doing her make up in the train oblivious to the surrounding.

    A lady, likely a Malaysian factory worker (no offence), eating a packet of bee hoon in front of everybody.

    Primary school kids comparing dictionary of foul words in all languages loudly. Our government should be happy for our young generation of “multi-lingual” speakers.

    OH, and the ultimate. At Somerset MRT station, I saw this old man who brought a box, stood on it, and condemned the PAP to everyone within earshot. He asked everyone to vote for the opposition and criticised the PAP baselessly.

  5. gerald > make up ok wat. save time! morning v short of time one leh.i really wish i can do tat, but dun dare to step out of my hse in my bare face (for work).

    dap > once an idiot (malay) standing in the middle of the door. den i was standing at the side leaning against the frame reading a bk. as that idiot was standing right smack in the middle refusing to budge and the door opened at tanjong pagar station, commuters were rushing to get off (sat morning 9am), they squeezed between him n me as well as him and the other person leaning against the other frame. THEN ONE OF THE COMMUTER KNOCKED INTO ME AND CAUSE MY BOOK TO DROP INTO THE HOLE BETWEEN THE TRAIN N DOOR. i grapple with it before it went down.

    door closed n i was late for work. so when i got into office, wanted to call smrt to inform them for retrievable. but their $%^&* hotlines go into machines on sats. so i sent an email. n i cant go dwn to raffles place mrt (my office) to inform them. after work rushed off (dar pick me up) to do some stuffs.

    den morning i got off at raffles place as usual n inform e control station, tell me they will inform tanjong pagar mrt to call me asap and gave me their no. just in case. no reply till afternoon so i called dem, tell me they chked dun have maybe coz sunday nite got tunnel washing.

    DUH, sighs, paid S$20+ for tat bk.

    COMPLAIN 1: stupid idiot
    COMPLAIN 2: stupid SMRT

  6. a good collection of the bad sights in MRT

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