Posted by: incywincy | November 3, 2006

I’m Wanted!

I found this pic on some hate-Daphne forum! Can you believe it?!

No, I’m just kidding. Haa.

Earlier this afternoon, May, my ex-agent for SingTel job assignments called me, and she told me that a SingTel manager called her and asked for me to work at her roadshow next weekend. Haha.

I don’t know who the manager is – the name doesn’t register. But anyway. I’m so happy! I’m wanted! And also, more importantly, this translates into money for my upcoming trip, which takes place in 33 days! Woo hoo!

Heh. It’s been a long time since I last worked for SingTel. I need to read up on the latest stuff again. Hehehe!

Ok. My headache is back, and it’s bad. It’s baaaaad.

I just had lunch. Yes, at 4pm. Again. It’s always so late by the time I have time to eat, that all the eating places are already empty. Okay. I’m going to pop a panadol, although Gerald will go tsk tsk at me for my reliancy on those things.


  1. tsk tsk tsk…

  2. tsk tsk tsk…

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