Posted by: incywincy | November 3, 2006


I’m having a terrible headache. It’s the pounding sort which alternates with a dull pain every now and then. It’s terrible. And today is the day of reading and editing agreements and legal documents. Yay! My favourite.

Yeah right. It’s making my headache worse.

And now, some retarded idiot filled in the e-stamp application form wrongly, so obviously I had keyed it in according to what he wrote. It’s wrong, yes. So now I have to fill in a gazillion forms to apply for a refund and correction of some details in the document.

It’s not my fault but I’m being penalized.

Update: My headache is gone. They magic potion is coffee. Haha!


  1. It seems you likes to work on contracts/agreements a lot. OMG -_-0

  2. sorry its not that i like but apparently alot of clients complain this n that abt the agreements that they haf to sign. im like.. what?! pls la.. who ever reads the contracts?! haha.. but yah it happens. so each time this happens, i haf to go thru the contracts n agreements that is ‘problematic’. bah.

    so busy today. i jus had lunch. its 4pm. bahhh.

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