Posted by: incywincy | November 2, 2006

Rush rush rush

Finally things are starting to slow down a little at the office. I’m feeling drained today. In comparison to yesterday’s lousy feeling, it’s not much better.

Tuesday evening I spent with Huiying and Xiaoyun. We had dinner at Lerk Thai (I have since boycotted Thai Express because my dear Peiyu found a charred fly in her noodles last week when we were at the Vivocity outlet). We ordered springrolls, chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, green curry, tomyam soup, crab and meat rolls, and pineapple rice! What a feast! 🙂

Wednesday evening I was with Melly at Bugis Junction Pastamania. We discussed an art project we are working on for a bit, chatted about this and that, and then went window shopping at the pushcarts at level 1. It was fun looking at the merchandise at the pushcarts, but they are often very expensive.

Tonight Melly and I are meeting at my office to do some work on our project. I hope we make quick progress!

Cos our client is going to rush us otherwise. Haha.

So what’s the project? Well, someone’s hiring us to paint a mural on the wall of his pub. Cool huh! I just hope everything goes well, and that we get paid a lot. Haha.

It’s 3 minutes to 6pm. I have nothing to do for a whole hour because Melly is gonna be here only at 7pm.

Okay. Out.

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