Posted by: incywincy | November 1, 2006

My Computer

Meme from BB :

1.What’s your computer’s OS?
– Windows XP

2.Does this computer belong to you, company or shared by your family?
– Mine. All mine. Preciousssss…

3.What is this wallpaper about? How did you obtain it?
– Yanzi’s latest commercial, from the SK Jewellery website

4.Do you change your wallpaper frequently?
– Depends on whether there are pics that I really like or not.

5.How many icons are on the deskstop?
– A whooping 107! Anyone can beat me here?

6.Can you bear with a desktop full of messy files and shortcuts?
– As you can see, I definitely can

7.Any rules you insist to follow? (on arranging the icons)
– Nope. Everything goes everywhere. Until it’s totally full. Then I’ll try to move some things.

8.Did you purposely tidy up the desktop so to do this relay?
– If I tidied it up it would actually look tidy. But it doesn’t. Haha!


  1. what if… u need to look for a file arh?

  2. use the search function lor! 🙂 i’m very good at searching! haha.

  3. holy cow, the computer still works?

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