Posted by: incywincy | October 31, 2006


I downloaded a 988MB file of the Da Vinci Code movie, and it turned out to be an effing record from the cinema screen! Bloody hell. And I was so looking forward to watching it tonight! Bah!

But maybe I’ll just watch it anyway. *sigh*

ETA: Am going to make a more conscious effort to update this blog. It’s been sadly lacking of updates cos I’ve been working on a secret project! Hehe!


  1. d/l from here:

    you’ll get all you want.

  2. jus like, one MINOR problem. i can’t read chinese baby.
    n the website is in chinese.
    but yeah. it’s a MINOR problem lah. just … MINOR.

  3. looks like a big minor leh…

  4. ya lah! u know already thn u stil ask me go d/l from there. bah!

  5. come on, u need to learn chinese anyway right. be thankful that u are learning it while d/ling movies and not learning it to take an exam. I learnt my through 绵绵’s blog. haha…no exam for that either.

  6. haha… incywincy’s officially a movie pirate… hey, be careful of posting such things, mmkay? you are in singapore after all, and this is sort of thing is like an admission of guilt…

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