Posted by: incywincy | October 30, 2006

Zaftig Singapore

Hi all, please join this forum:


Please join, read, and comment and help an NUS student with her honours thesis in Sociology! Read more below!

Hello and welcome lovely people! Before we begin, it is only right I tell you why this board was set up and who I am. I hope to clarify all that urgently needs to be clarified here, and hopefully convince you to have tea with me and make this board your own.

I am an undergraduate at NUS, in my fourth-year, pursuing an honours thesis in Sociology. For years now, I’ve been intrigued by the social dynamics in Singapore, particularly with respect to feminism, politics and the identity of marginal groups.

Being a zaftig, rubenesque, larger, fatter, bigger (however you want to call it) woman all my life, I’ve gone through the mandatory rites of passage of TAF club, yo-yo dieting and the rollercoaster of emotions when seeing the berth of cheesy slimming advertisements in the local media. So it is only natural that the fat becomes me, and this has become my chosen topic for my thesis.

However, this board is not just for the largesse. It’s for the self-identified. It’s for anyone who has an opinion on the matter. Agree, disagree, rant, rave, share – do anything you please. Most importantly, speak up and have fun doing it. Just keep it civilised, or I will be forced to kick some ass.

Please note that only registered members will be allowed to view and post on the other sections of this board.

While I reserve the right to use the contents posted on this board for my thesis, I solemnly promise that your confidentiality and rights as dignified individuals will be respected to the best of my ability, should you choose to join and post on the forum. I thank you in advance for implicitly or explicitly supporting my endeavour.

Please feel free to leave me a private message should you violently disagree with or passionately love my research project or anything on the board. Feedback is most welcome.

With love, kisses and cake,
Audrey V.
27th October 2006

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