Posted by: incywincy | October 30, 2006

Morning Walk

Woke up at 5am on the last morning of my stay in Indonesia, despite having gone to bed only at 1am the previous night. It was my last day there so I wanted to spend more time with Mom and Dad. Washed up after I crawled out of bed, took turns with Mom and Dad  to talk to Elaine on the phone. Then at 5.30am (yes, it’s crazy, I know) we left the house to go for our morning walk and jog.

Brought my HP along, and took loadsa pics of the houses in the vicinity, the golf clubhouse, etc. Take a look!

Leaving our condo at 5.30am

Coming up next: The luxurious and lavish and big mansions I mentioned! Of course, none are as lavish and huge as the one mentioned in the previous post about my trip to Surabaya, but well, they’re impressive nonetheless.

Aren’t they huge? I think I can spend the rest of my life dreaming about such houses, if I’m to remain an orang gaji (salaried worker). You probably won’t believe it, but some of these houses have underground carparks. I shit you not. Haha.

Well, other than these pics, I also took some ‘scenic’ ones during our morning walk.

My Daddy and Mummy

Our condo, at dawn

Further away

Part of the 18-hole golf course

We passed by the clubhouse, and so we decided to go in and take a look!


The sun was getting hot by then (6.30am, and yes, really) so we walked back.

We met this doggie on the way back

He was excited to see us, but we brought no food! Haha.

Yeay! Home!

First level of security

2nd level of security

After the walk, we went home and had breakfast. I rested abit, then went for a swim. It was only 9am by the time I was done with my swim! Haha. It’s amazing how much time I have in the morning, when I’m in Surabaya. Haha.

In contrast, every morning spent in Singapore is a mad rush to shower, wash up, put on make up, select my outfit, put it on, comb my hair, etc., while marvelling at how I have forgotten again to buy some milk for breakfast, then trying to get to the office early to have a cup of coffee before I start my day.

Oh well. Holiday over. I’ve been back at work for 3 days now (since last Thursday). More later!

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